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Tmi... Hemmorrhoids

I was wondering if anyone has been suffering from hemmorrhoids during this pregnancy or had them in a past pregnancy?
I did get them after pushing withy first LO for 3 hours which apparently made it easier for them to reappear now. I am now 31 weeks with LO 2 and have been doing all the recommended treatments sitz baths, prep h, witch hazel, stool softeners, increased fiber and still not much resolution over the past week. I even had to have a thrombosed one removed Thursday that I am still recovering from.
Did anyone have them during pregnancy and they got better or am I in for a very uncomfortable 9 weeks?
Any experience or advice is greatly appreciated!


Re: Tmi... Hemmorrhoids

  • I had them pretty bad during the first trimester.  I started taking stool softener, made sure to eat only whole wheat bread, I eat the fiber plus bars, and I drink so much water (as much as I can stand), and it helped, they went away for most of the second trimester.  They have just started reappearing in the third, so I am doing the same things.

     A few other tips.  If at all possible, don't wait to go,  Go when you have to otherwise problems ensue.  Also, NEVER bear down.  Don't try to push out.  Your body will push it out without your help and that prevents reoccurence.  I am super impatient so this is the hardest for me, but you get used to it.


    Good Luck! 

  • i do. it stinks. they aren't currently inflamed but i am always worried. 
  • I had bad ones that my Dr gave me a prescription for.  It worked like a charm.

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  • I'm confused as to what I have going on. I've had painful ones before, so I know what that feels like.  Now I'm just bleeding during BM's or even just from passing gas when I'm going to the bathroom.

    My doctor asked me at my last appointment if I wanted a prescription.  I said, "No" because there is no pain or irritation.  I'm starting to get worried about the blood, though, and wondering if I could bleed really badly during labor.  I don't even know if this is typical of pregnancy hemorrhoids.  Definitely going to talk to a doc again next appointment to see what she thinks.


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  • I got them really bad with my first baby 13 yrs ago.  They've flared up from time to time since then.  During the 2nd tri of this pregnancy, they came back really bad and one got thrombosed.  The hospital here in Springfield, IL no longer removes those.  They say that new research shows that it only causes them to come back and be worse.  They said that I would have to wait for it to "bleed out" and gave me steroid suppositories.  After I deliver, my colo-rectal surgeon is going to do a colonoscopy and remove all hemmorrhoids.  Until then, I just deal with being uncomfortable.  The thrombosed one did go away within a week, but I still deal with discomfort from time to time.  I never thought I'd be looking forward to a colonoscopy like I am now!  I know that right after delivery is going to be a nightmare down there.
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  • I was like the many women hoping that this is one symptom I didn't end up getting.... Not so lucky... I have one... it doesn't bleed, nor does  it itch or hurt horribly... just every once in a while.

     I've been using Witch Hazel and Mother Love Rhoid Balm... but Dr said it will not go away until at least after birth, especially since I sit at a desk 8 hrs/day...

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