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This is really messing with my head!!

So Thursday at my DR. appt I was 3 cm 50% effaced, then Thursday night and Friday morning I lost my mucus plug, no streaks of blood though.  I woke up about 4:30 Saturday morning because contractions were starting, about 20 mins apart, and as the morning went on, they disappeared.  So I went about my day and nothing.
I woke up a little after 1:00 last night to stronger contractions, so I started writing them down (this is my 2nd and Dr. said to wait until they were 8-10 mins apart for 2 hours)  They were happening anywhere from every 3-10 mintues, they were intense but short,and then after an hour and a half.....gone...stopped completely again.  I keep getting psyched out!! haha  I am just ready to meet my little guy, and now more than ever since I seem to be getting close.  Guess I will go about my day again today!! My parents are going to watch our son why my DH and I go celebrate our Valentine's day this afternoon.  Try and keep my mind off things....but MAN, I really thought that was it last night....anything like this happen to anyone else??
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Re: This is really messing with my head!!

  • Yes, sort of. I was getting regular strong moderately painful contractions for a good 4 hrs yesterday evening. They never got closer than about 15 minutes apart, but they persisted the whole time I was running errands, shopping, driving, and eating dinner so while I was active and resting. But....then they went away : I'm so frustrated and I'm not even late yet!
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  • With dd and this pregnancy, I had several nights of contractions being 35 minutes apart for hours, then they would stop, it really messes with you.
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  • Yes! This has happened so frequently that now when I feel contractions I ignore them. DH is worried that we won't get to the hospital in time. I've decided that I'm going to be pregnant forever, and this baby wont ever come out.
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  • Im going through the same thing. Since Friday night contractions and cramps that gets strong and consistent for several hours and then goes away almost completely. (It's actually been going on for almost three weeks, but really consistent this weekend)  It's really messing with my head.  I was very zen about the whole thing before, and it took a lot f work to get to that calm place! ( I am soo type A)  but since it started on Friday I just feel like I am waiting and it's making me grumpy.

     Going to spend some time relaxing on my yoga ball today and try to get back to the zen place.  I have a dr. Appt tomorrow and we are going to set an induction date. So that will help. (I have some placenta complications and they don't want me to go past 40 weeks). Good luck in finding your Zen. 

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