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grooming down there??

ok i know this is an awkward  question but i have to ask. i am 30 weeks and can no longer see my vagina. i am afraid there is a jungle. what solutions do i have? i have thought about asking for help from my husband but i don't want to kill our sex life..... PLEASE HELP!

Re: grooming down there??

  • I've been shaving using my hands as a guide. Also try placing a mirror infront so you can see what you're doing.
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  • I second using a mirror.  Beware, things might look a little different, and that's normal!  I learned the hard way NOT to attempt much shaving at this point, I just use trimmers to get it as short as I can and touch up with a razor.  I've seen some other ladies post that Nair works well for them, but I have sensitive skin and have never been able to use it on my legs; would NEVER try it there.  Good luck!
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  • Go get a wax from a reputable spa
  • I just shave. If I rinse off and still feel stubble then I do more. It is easiest if you keep up with it so you don't have to trim. I would be afraid of snipping something important off. Waxing is also an option, but a lot of women say it hurts more than usual.
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  • I say let it grow :X  But I've been a hairy hippie for several months of this pregnancy... haha
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  • image Runaway22:
    I say let it grow :X  But I've been a hairy hippie for several months of this pregnancy... haha

    Yup, if I can't see it, it's not really there! ;) 

  • Please don't take anything sharp to your lady bits at this point if you've never done it before!!! Either get a wax or ask DH to trim it. I would not worry at all about him seeing it now, it's after delivery that I wouldnt let him see it.

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  • With my last pregnancy I didn't keep up with shaving at the end. I would say who cares but when I got a doctor who looked like he's 25 just out of med school and cute (he stitched me up)... suddenly I was like huh, well that's embarrassing. My husband and I have been together (married for 3+) since high school, 13 years Jan 14th! Not shaving didn't bother him. He even offered to help me if I really felt like I needed it but I've seen what he can do to his face, I passed. Honestly if you are going to injure yourself or it's just uncomfortable, don't sweat it. The doctors have seen it all, and your husband will still love you if you show some of that hair you were born with.
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  • I use the Schick Quattro Trimmer. I trim most of it without fear of cutting myself and then I use my hands and guides for the bikini area. It doesn't look "pretty" when I get out and look in the mirror but it's better than just letting it go.
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  • I never stopped regularly waxing when I got pregnant.
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  • I get waxed. As PP mentioned make sure you go to a reputable spa since they will know how to position you comfortably....as comfortable as you can be while pregnant.
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  • I like it all gone so I just do it blind once a week. I don't have the energy or time or inclination to shower every day and (TMI) with all of the extra discharge down there I can't afford to have pubes that get all mucky! Once a week is about all I can take though as it is always a bit of hard work to get it done. I end up out of breath with itchy ankles from squatting in the shower and maneuvering around the big ole bump in order to get it all!

    I tried using trimmers but they hurt in some spots and I declared trimmers too dangerous to do blindly.

    I can't afford to get waxed and I've never done it. Besides, what about the trim? That's the most important part for me!

    You have to figure out what works for you and why you want to do it. If it is simple vanity its probably not worth it. My vag may look kind of silly with a buzz cut one day and bald the next but it works for me because I am comfortable and I feel clean. If I was comfortable and clean doing nothing I wouldn't even bother! DH just has to deal, it is part of me being the barer of our child!

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  • I shave blindly in the shower, and then I get out and stand on a towel in front of the mirror and do touch ups.  Ok...I've only done this once. haha.  Mostly I just shave blindly in the shower and don't worry about what it looks like as long as I get the worst of it!  I figure as long as I keep that up, I can do another touch-up closer to time for delivery if that's even possible.
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  • image laujam31:
    Go get waxed.


    Also, if you are shaving your vagina, you're doing it wrong. 

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  • image laujam31:
    Go get waxed.


    Also, if you are shaving your vagina, you're doing it wrong. 

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  • I gave up grooming down there a couple of months ago. :( and I'm too much of a wimp to get it waxed.
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  • He doesn't want to pay for waxes so he said he would take care of it when I can't reach anymore. He wanted to wax it, but there is no way in he'll I will let him do that. He can use my electric razor and that's it.

    For the record, he doesnt care if im unshaved, i do.
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  • Might be TMI but I asked DH for help and it majorly turned him ON... not off... See if he's open to it or not! Might end up being a good thing!

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  • I do esthetics out of our home so I just wax it while using a mirror/feel but I have been doing it for years and don't recommend it to someone not used to it. Going to a salon might be a good option and safer than trying to shave blindly. Your hubby should be able to handle helping you out. Just DONT use Nair or something like that, our skin is a lot more sensative during preganancy and you could give yourself a nast rash.

  • I just went through this issue. It really got to the '70's porno point, and I knew something had to be done! I ended up buying one of those battery-operated eyebrow trimmers and using that to take it down close. Worked very well.
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