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The day after my hospital d/c I was readmitted with PP pre-e.  I had a lot of BP and heart issues so I had a lot tests which used radioactive dyes.  I pumped every 2 hrs for 3 days.  By the time I returned home to baby I had a terrible oversupply.  I had to pump after every feeding to releive that "about to explode" feeling.  Well I corrected the oversupply issue in that next couple of weeks.  Well now that LO is 4 months old and I have returned to work I REGRET not having that large pumping amount.  I feel like am just barely "skating by".  We don't have a large freezer stash and I am afraid that I may not make it to my 1yr goal. :(  I have tried Fenugreek but it makes LO so gassy and fussy now and I will be making the cookies this week.  I am just so sad.  And hearing how much the EPs get out makes me even sadder!!! I am literally seconds away from tears.

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Re: Corrected over I'm sad!!! AW

  • Hang in there.  I had oversupply, corrected it by eight weeks, and then panicked when I went back to work when DS was ten weeks and was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it.  I found that the stress of the first couple days back affected my pumping output.  I also found that making sure I had a morning snack (even though I rarely noticed hunger at that time) helped.  In addition, I started taking a gallon jug of water to work to fill my water bottle from.  It kept me aware of how much I was drinking.

    I didn't make a night weaning push because nursing overnight kept my supply up.  You could also try adding a pump session- if not at work, then before bed or something at home.

    One last trick that helped me was to pump once a day on Saturday and Sunday.  This helped me get a little ahead for the week.  I would thaw milk for Monday and then send some of that refrigerated weekend stash on Tuesday and fill in the rest from Monday's pump sessions.  This way, I had a little extra at home in the fridge that took some of the pressure off what pumping must yield at work.  By the end of the week I generally had a few extra ounces to freeze- not much, but it began to add up.

    Also, be sure to look at how your LO is being bottle fed. Kellymom has some great tips for caregivers.  You want to make sure that the manner in which LO takes a bottle isn't setting you up for failure.  

    Bottom line: Remember that if you're making enough- you're doing great!  If your supply is well-matched to LO's demand, you won't necessarily have tons of leftovers.


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  • Hang in there and definitely make the cookies. Dr Momma Major Milk Makin' cookies are awesome I definitely recommend that recipe! 
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  • Thank you ladies.  This board has helped me tremendously!! I appreciated you gals so much!!
    Keeshia P.- Devoted Wife, Mother, & RN


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