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Those with outside LO's..sleep question

How is everyone doing with sleeping?  How old is your LO and how long do they sleep at night and where?

DD is just over 2 weeks.  She will sleep for the longest stretches in bed with me but I don't really feel comfy with the co sleeping thing.  Last week she slept for 3.5 hours 3 nights in a row in her bassinet but that was short lived.  The last few nights she stirs in her bassinet after 30 minutes at the most.

Just curious how it is going with some other mamas.



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Re: Those with outside LO's..sleep question

  • She goes for 2-3 hours at a time mostly and stays in the bassinet or we walk out to the living room with her and hold her on the couch. She is not allowed in our bed at all. We've had two nights where she wanted nothing to do with being put down so we'd feed/hold her til 100% asleep (you know all wiggly and loose) and put her back to sleep in the bassinet. That seems to help though it can take a bit of walking/rocking/feeding to get her all loosey but it seems to work. 

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  • My son is 2 weeks and one day. He slept swaddled in his bassinet for four hours last night. It had been 5 hours since he had started eating, so he was one hungry baby! (I've heard that you should wake them up to feed them, but I've never been able to. Plus I read somewhere that waking them up to feed them isn't necessary as long as they're getting enough to eat. So I've decided to stop worrying about it, and to let the boy sleep if he wants to sleep.)

    I've co-slept with him before, but I only did so because he was waking up every hour, but he's started sleeping longer so I have no problem putting him in his bassinet. He doesn't seem to care as long as he's swaddled. Sometimes I have to wait until he's out before he'll be happy, but that's rare. Often times he'll lie awake in his bassinet and drift off by himself.

  • He's 11 days old, he generally sleeps 2-3 hours at a time, last night he got close to 4... BUT that's only if he's being held. I think 30 minutes is the longest I've gotten him to sleep on his own - and that was after an hour or more of nursing/rocking/warming up his sleeping area, etc. He is starting to tolerate being in his swing for awhile now.

    Our moms were helping us out since the birth, holding him at night when I need to get some sleep, but now we're on our own and I'm honestly a little scared. Once DH goes to work in the early morning I'll bring DS into bed with me, but our bed isn't big enough that I feel comfortable bed-sharing otherwise.

    i totally understand that he just came out of the womb and still has a physical need to be held, but I am definitely jealous of moms who can set their babies down and sleep :)

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  • We are 9 days and we will go anywhere from 1-3 hours.  For some reason we are doing some cluster feeding.  
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  • Wesley eats every 1-2 hours. He sometimes goes a bit longer, but it's never at night. I'm basically a zombie. 
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  • With my first she cried all night every night and I just had to walk the floor with her and rock and rock and rock... The MOST she would sleep for her first seven weeks was two hours straight. Finally I started putting her in the big crib in her own room and giving her gas drops with every feeding and she was a brand new baby!

    I chose to bottle feed my second and I would swaddle him, feed him a bottle, and put him in his crib awake. He would fall asleep on his own and sleep for almost four hours. My husband and I took turns feeding him at night so I barely missed out on any sleep.

    This baby is still an inside baby and I'm going to nurse again, but can you guess which sibling I hope he takes after?!? Haha

    ETA: I noticed both my kids were noisy sleepers. So at night even when they stirred around in bed, I left them alone until they actually started fussing and crying. Sometimes I would get a whole extra hour or two of sleep before they really woke ready to eat!
  • DD is almost 2 weeks. Every night is a different story, but we usually get at least one 4 hour stretch. Sometimes, there is a 3 hour and a 4 hour, sometimes there is just the ONE 4 hour stretch after some cluster feedings. 


    Since she's been sleeping all day and I didn't take advantage with a nap, I'm sure we won't get a lot of sleep tonight. :) 

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  • My daughter is six days old, and most of the time I have to wake her to feed her! She's a really good sleeper, will sleep through our dog barking s d everything! Although for the past two nights she was really fussy after her 3amish nursing sessions.

    Today she's been cluster feeding, do we'll see how tonight goes. I'm wondering if, since she was nearly a week late, she's hitting that twoweek growth spurt I've read about a little early...

  • DD is just over 2 weeks and she mainly cosleeps with me. It's not exactly what I wanted to happen, but she will not sleep anywhere else. I'm really trying to break her of it, but I enjoy it too and I don't feel like she's ready to sleep on her own I guess.

    So far I'm thinking that we've got a little bit of a routine going now. She is up to eat at 8, 12/1, 4/5. A few times she actually went on a six hour stretch and it was amazing!! But I've been able to handle the nighttime feedings so far. I try to nap in the morning when she's sleeping to help me catch up on sleep.
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  • DS will be 2 weeks tomorrow and we've been bed sharing for about a week. That's the only way he will sleep longer than an hour at a time. I'm also been doing side lying nursing in the middle of the night and it's soo much better than getting up and sitting in a chair.
  • LO is 2.5ish weeks. She will generally sleep from 9ish to somewhere between 1 and 3. Once she goes back to sleep (which can sometimes take a couple hours), she'll sleep until around 7am. So we get some nice long stretches in there.

    Our problem now is that she'll do her long sleeping stretch in her rock n play, but once she gets up to eat, she only wants to sleep on my chest. We're working on it, but some nights are better than others. I'm not comfortable falling asleep with her on me because I'm a heavy sleeper, so I can only sleep once I manage to get her back in her own space.


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  • Ok I'm going to brag here: my LO slept thru the night last night for almost 9 hours! She is 6 weeks. We originally had to wake her every 3 to 4 hours to eat because she was a preemie, but once we started going to on demand at 2 weeks she would get up every 4 hours at night and 3 during the day. This lasted until about 5 weeks, then slowly she would go a little longer at night but more often during the day until now she STTN! We had her in her crib in her own room from day 1. She sleeps in there every night and for most naps too. Occasionally she will nap in her swing or I will carry her in a sling if she is really fussy.
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  • He's 2 weeks old and sleeps for 4 hour stretches at nigh, feeds and goes right back to sleept. During the day we feed every 2 hours even if I have to wake him up. Feeding every 2 hours during the day seems to be the trick for us. 
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  • Man, I feel lucky. I was waking DS up every 3 to 4 hours to eat at night since day 1. On day 5, his pediatrician said since he had maintained his birth weight it could be every 6 hours at night. Hes 10 days old today, sleeps most of the day, and I wake him up once in the night. I havent slept this much in a long time. With DD, I was up every hour and a half feeding her and it took an hour for her to eat.
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  • Due to her preemie problems, Delilah shares our bed for the moment. When we feel she has gained enough weight and can keep herself warm then we will move her to her crib beside our bed.

    For the moment she sleeps for 3-4hrs at a time during the night. We do wake her to feed - I BF- if she hasnt woken by herself. The whole cycle of feeding, burping, changing, more feeding, more burping and back down to sleep takes about an hr and a half  to 2 hrs.

    So yes - it?s gruelling, but so worth it. I?m not finding it a stress at all. Big Smile


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  • Gosh, I love this board!! I love reading this and realizing how un-alone I am in all of these situations. My little girl is 5 days old. I pretty much feed her every 2-3 hours...she is very good about waking up, eating, burping, getting changed and going right back to sleep. 

    Currently I can't get her to sleep in pack-n-play bassinet so we've been putting her on the couch and surrounding her with pillows (we pushed our long lounger against the couch so there's no way she's rolling off on the ground, plus I sleep on the lounger just in case). I'm currently so paranoid of her sleeping at night that I get pretty much zero sleep...and since I'm solely responsible for her feedings DH is hardly up...last night he was good with burping and changing her after our feedings but I still can't get any sleep. Today he let me take 3 hour to 2 hour naps but I still find myself dreading nighttime. 

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