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Overdue check in!!

Haven't seen one of these in a few days, so I wanted to see how you overdue ladies are holding up??!

I'm 4 days overdue and while I still feel good physically, I'm ready to meet my baby!!! Most likely facing induction Friday if LO hasn't greeted us by then, and I reallllly would like to avoid that.  

Hang in there. Our babies will be here sooner than later!! 



Re: Overdue check in!!

  • Hey there ladies!

    I'm two days past my due date. Physically, I am ok, but exhausted by the end of the day, which is when everything starts hurting. So then it's impossible to sleep. lol

    Trying to stay busy though. Still crocheting like a madwoman and trying to keep the house tidy. We also went for a long walk to try to get something going and coax baby out. Also have tried spicy food and pineapple, but so far all the OWT have not worked. Oh well. :)

    I will be induced next Thursday night/Friday morning if nothing gets going between now and then.

    Best wishes to all you ladies! 

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  • Officially overdue.  Yesterday was my due date.  Feeling uncomfortable and achy but overall really pretty good.  I've been trying to do acupressure points but nothing so far.  I'm still not dilated or effaced at all but supposedly my sister was the same until she was actually in labor so still hoping to make it without induction.
  • Well now I am a week out. I had my son a week late so this is going to be new territory now. I thought for sure he would come this weekend, but it isn't looking like it. Although the weekend is not over yet...  

    I'm feeling fine with the exception of the lousy heartburn that I can do without. 

    We'll see what happens this week I suppose! Tonight we will have a yummy steak dinner. This kid eats so well on the inside, he's never going to want to leave :) 

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  • I am 2 days past my due date and have been trying everything to get her out. Went for a long walk yesterday, bouncing on yoga ball for over a week, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, spicy food and lots of sex. Still nothing! At my last appointment on Tuesday I was still not dilated and doctor scheduled my induction for Thursday night/Friday morning. Hoping she comes before then because I have started maternity leave an might go crazy at home.
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  • I was due on Thursday... I have my next appt on Tuesday where we will talk induction.  Hoping they will induce Thursday if she isn't born by then.  I'm already dialated to a 3 so favorable for induction.  I'm so exhausted and sore- just really ready for this to be over and meet our girl!
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  • I officially join the overdue club today.. Aside from being anxious and hip pain, I can't really complain other than the fact that I'm ready to be done!
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  • I am so glad to see this thread! I am 5 days overdue now and upon entering the Feb 2013 board, all I see are posts about the "outside babies" and I get kind of jealous! I feel fine, I just want baby here with us. I've been on maternity leave since feb 4th and there are only so many stupid tasks I can invent for myself.

    My OB wanted to talk induction at 41w but I asked to wait until I'm closer to 42w. I really don't want to be induced and have been getting some decent contractions, but nothing too consistent. This child is getting strong and her little feet can kick so hard. 

    The sex, long walks, and the ball have been doing NOTHING for me. I have an appt tomorrow and hopefully i'll be a tiny bit dilated and not just with a softening cervix. 

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  • I'm a week over. I have no clue what this kid is hanging onto in there.  

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