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Exercise after m/c?

When have you started exercising after miscarrying?  I am a runner although I have not ran this week, since my bleeding started.  I have been feeling better the past two days though and went for an easy run today, although I was having a bit heavier bleeding (nothing abnormal though), and felt fine.  Just wondering what others have done or been told.  I am not wanting to push myself but am eager to get back into it. 
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Re: Exercise after m/c?

  • Another runner here.   I probably waited about two weeks before I went on a run, though I did do a longish but slow walk about two days after my D&C, and a power walk and some elliptical maybe a week out.   For the first week or so, it seemed like exercise made my cramps a lot worse.

    I would recommend you start out slow and be really gentle with yourself -- no reason to push TOO hard right away.  If you're like me, the act of running benefitted my mental health in a way nothing else could, so it was important to get back to it quickly!! 

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  • I'm also a runner. I didn't run much when I was pregnant. I waited to get the all clear from my doctor just about 2 weeks after my d&c. I didn't want to risk more bleeding or anything. 

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  • I am 9 days past D&C and I have not run yet.  I go for my followup on Monday and I plan to get the clear to resume normal activities and I will probably start running again after that.

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  • Thanks everyone!  Although I did not have a d&c, i have been naturally miscarrying, should have specified that in my op.  i wonder if that makes a difference, I can see waiting a couple weeks after a surgical procedure.  I follow up with my doc on Monday so will ask then, but like someone said, it is helpful mentally to get back to running sooner rather than later! 
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  • so sorry for your loss. 

    I had a natural miscarriage at 7.5 weeks. We were told to wait 2wks after the miscarriage was completed for sex (to avoid infection and give my body a rest), but excercise was okay as long as I took it easy.  I would double check with your doc.

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