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So I am pretty sure I already have gotten my period back at only 5 1/2 pp! After my follow up appointment yesterday my dr thinks so too. Anyway I was discussing Mirena as a birth control method but I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with it. Some of the negative things I hear about is its like super painful to be inserted, causes weight gain, and makes sex uncomfortable and that makes me a little nervous about getting it. Any experiences or recommendations for other types of birth control would be great!

By the way I put an ovulation tracker app on my phone to know when not to dtd even with condoms and my mind was blown to think I could technically have another baby before this one turns 1. I mean I knew it but to see the dates on the tracker made me that more eager for birth control lol!
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Re: Mirena

  • I just got an IUD last week (dec mama). I chose the ParaGard after talking to my doctor about it. I have heard that although it's rare, Mirena can cause intense migraines and can make it harder to lose weight. My cousin-in-law got pregnant on Mirena (super rare) and it caused her to miscarry and now she has probably lost her fertility. Again, these are all SUPER rare and very unlikely to happen to you, but they are still something to be aware of.

    I chose the ParaGard IUD b/c it's completely hormone free (made of copper). I just don't like how my body reacts to birth control and hormones. I usually have zero sex drive and have trouble losing weight. After discussing both choices with my doc, we both agreed that ParaGard was the better choice for me. It also lasts for 10 years, and Mirena only lasts for 5. We are probably 2 and done, so the longer option was better for us as well.

    The only downside to ParaGard is that you have monthly periods and they can sometimes be heavy. With Mirena, the hormones can cause some women to have no period at all, but that is only the case for 1/3 of the women who have it. Still, it's a nice benefit for those 1/3! 

    I don't know about your OB's office, but mine contacted my insurance company and asked them how much of my IUD they would cover, etc.

    Also, whether you decide on the ParaGard or Mirena, they are both inserted the same way so both would "hurt" the same amount. However, my OB prescribed me a cervix dialating medicine to take the night before (pill) and I barely felt anything when it was inserted. GL deciding!

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  • My friend just got some sort of BC that was insert into her upper arm, it feels like a matchstick. I'm not sure what it's called but maybe you could look into that. I think it's similar to ParaGuard in terms of side-effects/ingredients. 
  • I had the mirena for 4 years. I did gain weight while I was on it but I was also eating horribly during that time. I never had any discomfort during sex though. Yes it hurt going in and I did have some bleeding and cramping after but it went away quickly. I did still get a regular period but most women I know don't get one at all.
  • Prior to getting pregnant, I had the Mirena for one year.  I loved it!  It is only "known" to be painful if you get it if you have never been pregnant.  When I got mine, I had not been pregnant and insertion was a painful for just an instance.  I'm thinking now that I've been pregnant, it won't be painful.

    I never had any problems or side effects with it.  Sex was great - no worries there, especially since once it was in, I didn't have to worry about anything!

    My OB/GYN put me on the mini-pill for a few months and then we'll switch to the Mirena again.

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  • image this decaf life:
    My friend just got some sort of BC that was insert into her upper arm, it feels like a matchstick. I'm not sure what it's called but maybe you could look into that. I think it's similar to ParaGuard in terms of side-effects/ingredients. 

    I think you're talking about Implanon.  I think it would be more similar to Mirena than Paragard because it's hormonal.  I think it only has the Progestin like Mirena though, but I would guess it's a higher dose because it's not working locally like Mirena is.

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  • Thanks everyone for sharing!
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  • I got the Mirena a few days ago, and had only mild discomfort with insertion, and a few hours of slight cramping that evening. Already wouldn't know it's there.
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