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Echogenic bowel?

I was recently transferred to high risk due to my baby's a/s showing an echogenic bowel. we had a follow up at 24 weeks and it was still there. The tests have been nonstop and so stressful. just wondering if anyone else went thru this? and information they may have been given? all the doctors are so vague with us.

Re: Echogenic bowel?

  • We found out yesterday that Baby A has echogenic bowel.  We consider this to be our "healthy" baby and are not really concerned about it at this point.  Baby B has an omphalocele, heart on the right side of the body (should be on left) and 2 vessel cord.  They told us echogenic bowel on baby A and I feel like we barely flinched (obviously we are a bit abnormal due to our experience).  BUT most of the issues with echogenic bowel are not life-threatening.

    The differential list we were given regarding the cause of this was:

    1) The baby swallowed blood.

    2) Chromosome abnormality (anything not 100% perfect on u/s will have this on diff list)

    3)  Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

    4) Baby with some sort of infection

    5) Bowel obstruction

    I have had bleeding since week 12 but nothing significant for the past 2 weeks.  DH and I feel pretty confident that is the cause is baby swallowing blood bc of my recent history and there was blood in the amniotic fluid.  This does not affect baby negatively.  CF is not likely bc I tested neg to be a carrier.  From my understanding, it very often resolves on its own.  I'm sorry you having to deal with it and it most definitely is stressful and hard to play the waiting game.  I hope it goes away and you have a perfectly healthy baby!

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  • I know it's not the same thing, but my baby had an echogenic area on the heart, so we went through extensive testing, and it turned out to be nothing. Hopefully the same is true for your baby. T&P for you


  • My lo had it on an ultra sound. The doctored thought it might be related to downs since he had other markers as well. They ran a bunch of test just incase the torch came back positive then Mfm said to ignore that because there were too many false positives from the lab. The echogenic bowel did not show up on a later us. I did the martinit t21 test which came back negative. Ds was born perfectly fine.


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  • Like PP said it could be a few different things.  For us my 1st son had this and he was born with CMV. 
    What did ya get bro?


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