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Strong cramps- right side. Normal?

I am having lots of contractions (prodromal labor for weeks now).  Contractions are accompanied by strong cramps on lower right side that wrapping around to my back. Is this more false labor fun or could something be starting?  No change with rest or water. FTM here. So all experience is appreciated. TIA. 

Re: Strong cramps- right side. Normal?

  • I've had the same thing today and yesterday! At first I thought it was LO "hurting" me since her movements are getting rough. Then I thought it was from bending too fast... It hurts so bad for over a minute(feels like forever) then goes away....hasn't happened in a few hrs. Most contractions I've had haven't hurt THAT bad.  Now I'm not so sure what it is. HOPEFULLY something is happening! :)


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