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Middle of the night feeds

What's your routine for the middle of the night feeds?  How long does it take you to fall back to sleep and how often are you getting up?    I've been lucky that LO has only been waking up once each night since week 2, so I do not ask for help from my husband and can let him get a good night sleep. 

She feeds for about 30-40 minutes, then I change her diaper, swaddle her, and rock her in the rocking chair about 10 minutes.  After about an hour of being up, I set her in her RnP wide awake and she drifts off to sleep quietly.  Then I go downstairs and eat something because I'm usually too hungry to go back to sleep.  If it's earlier in the night, though, I feel like I've had a nap and I'm WIDE awake for hours.  I tend to get fed up and take a benadryl after an hour or more of trying to fall back to sleep, but at that point I only have 1.5 hours or left before she's up again, and I'm sooo groggy come morning time.  When she sleeps later through the night and it's closer to morning, I just feel like I've just had a bad night sleep and can fall back to sleep afterwards with no problem.  Curious what your experiences are in the middle of the night...

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Re: Middle of the night feeds

  • Yesterday and today, LO fussed and started dream feeding about 2 am and gas woke her up a little later. DH did a diaper change sice it was full of wet while I used the bathroom. We all went back to bed, with LO back to nursing till 4something or almost 5am. She was on more than she was off. Slept till almost 7:30 today. The 2 until 4 or 5 awake is when I tended not to be able to sleep when she was inside throughout the 3rd trimester.

    Now it is about 9am and she's back asleep probably for 45 mins until gas hits or I move.
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  • She normally nurses till she falls back asleep, about 10 min. I lay her back down in her bassinet and make sure she is swaddled good and tight. I don't do diaper changes in the middle of the night unless its poopy. Don't want to wake her up and have to then get her back to sleep.

    My suggestions would be stop the diaper change unless you really have to. Also, keep some snacks beside your bed so you don't to get up. You could snack on some nuts while feeding your LO.
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  • She's asleep for 45hrs in the first session, and then up to eat. That takes about 20mins, and she'll go right back to sleep. From there, the sleep times get progressively shorter... Like 3hrs, then 2, then 1...

    If she poops during that feeding, though, then it's feeding, change, burp and feed, and that's about an hourish.

    I don't really have a problem getting back to sleep unless that longer routine falls around the 3 or 4am waking. For some reason, that one will have me awake for an hour after she's back to bed. Sucks.
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  • I feed her when she starts grunting. If I wait for her to cry she has a habit of vomiting after the feeding at night. I also only change her diaper if it absolutely needs it. Like she's pooped or leaking. Find a good diaper that'll get LO through the night. I'm up for about 15 min each time. She's barely awake each time.

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  • Our routine is:

    ~8 PM: change diaper, swaddle, read books, and then begin nursing (usually only one side).
    ~8:30 PM: LO is finished nursing, so he's burped and put in his PnP with vibration on and Sleep Sheep on.
    ~2 AM: Feed on one breast (~30 min), burp, unswaddle, LO stretches while I use the bathroom, change diaper, then feed on other breast (~30 min), burp, then back in PnP with vibration on and Sleep Sheep on.
    ~5:30 AM: Same routine as 2 AM.
    ~7:45 AM: LO awake for day.

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  • I try to keep all of our stimulation a little as possible at night. I don't unswaddle or change DD's pants unless she's pooped. I will get DD from her crib or co sleeper and lay her next to me in bed. We then nurse side lying, during which she usually falls asleep. I don't fall back to sleep, but I definitely rest while she's nursing. When LO is done, sometimes I put her back into her co sleeper but usually i dont want to risk her waking when she realizes shes not right next to me so I put her in the crook of my arm and we both sleep until the next feeding and we do the same routine then.

    Every once in a while LO has trouble latching from side lying and I have to sit up and feed her. That wakes me up much more and those are the nights I wake tired, otherwise I usually feel rested in the morning.


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  • Ours goes something like this...BF for 15 to 20 ea side, then 3oz formula, for about 10 min, then keep upright for 20 min...diaper change...attempt to put back to sleep. Then I'm supposed to pump, but usually I just can't keep my eyes open, so I don't.
    I'm totally zombified. Still keeping caffeine to a minimum. When I start work, I may have to forego BF routine, as its only minimally successful.

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  • We feed at 10ish 3ish and 6ish. I usually do one breast for 10 minutes and at the most 15 minutes, I would do longer but he usually pulls off at that time. I burp once during and once after, then change him and lay him right in his crib. I turn on his sound machine and he falls back to sleep. Start to finish I am back in bed in roughly a half an hour and asleep within 5 minutes. DH will change him if I need to use the restroom but usually I don't wake him up unless I'm really tired or like I said to use the restroom.
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  • For the most part, he wakes once during the night.  I have a small LED light by my bed that I turn on, then I lift him out of the rock n' play, leaving him swaddled.  I sit up against the headboard of my bed and nurse him for about 20 minutes.  He typically pulls off the breast still sleepy, so I lay him back in the rock n' play, turn on the sleep sheep, turn off the LED light and go back to sleep.

    On a more challenging (rare) night, he will be up more frequently or have a hard time falling back to sleep.  In those cases, I unswaddle him and side-lie nurse him in bed with me until he falls back asleep...then I scoot away from him a little bit and go to sleep myself.

    ETA: I agree with PP's.  No more unswaddling or diaper changes unless she is pooping in the middle of the night!  I think if you break those habits and get back to bed sooner, you won't be so starving either (I find that if I'm up in the middle of the night for an hour, I'm ravenous...but for only 20-30 min, the hunger isn't bad enough to keep me awake).

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