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How many Bottles?

So I plan on breastfeeding, but I bought bottles in case I'm not around and DH has to feed LO/ when I go back to work for the babysitter. I just don't know how many are needed. I receieved 4- 5 oz bottles with the breastpump and then purchased 3- 8 oz. bottles. Do I need more?? And how many??
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Re: How many Bottles?

  • I'm hoping to breastfeed too and I currently have about what you have. The four from the pump box, and then a "newborn feeding variety pack" that has a couple big and a couple small. I didn't want to overbuy just in case the breastfeeding really does work, and then when I need to start pumping and leaving milk for others, I'll figure out what I need then. 
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  • I registered for a dozen 9 oz size bottles because our LO will be in daycare and I wanted to be able to rotate washing them.  I didn't bother with the smaller sizes because you can always put less in a bigger one if needed.
  • I am going to be a SAHM and plan on breastfeeding.  I currently only have 3 bottles.  I will purchase a pump and use the bottles that come with that as well.  It's all overwhelming but remember you don't need everything to be set before your LO arrives.  You can always run out to the store and get supplies.
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  • What kind of bottles came with the pump? If they are just the Medela bottles that you can add a nipple to, I can tell you we absolutely hated those (they collapsed when DS tried to suck, and they gave him gas). Anyway, if you plan on going back to work, I'd probably try to get 6 bottles or so - 3 you can send, 3  you can pump into/fill for the next day. We had 4 (4 oz.) bottles and 6 (8 oz.) bottles. 
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  • I would get more 8Oz bottles... Figure out a feeding every 23 hours... You'll need that many bottles when you're away. I always sent an extra just in case too. I also agree that the medela nipples collapsed when DS1 tried to use them.
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  • I agree with pp that said you don't have to have everything before baby arrives.  I would wait until you've had a chance to try out the ones you have with the baby to see if you/baby like them. 

    Also, when dd was born, my best friend had her dd a week before.  While my dd was still on 3-4oz feedings at 2 months, my friend's dd was on 6-8 oz feedings almost from birth, so even what size you need can vary by baby.

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