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Registering for an epidural?

Quick question as I have seen it on a couple of posts. What does registering for an epidural mean? Do you have to pre-choose to have an epidural in some locations? 

My experience has been that you decide  if you want an epi while in labor; no one has ever asked prior to that. Wondering if it is different in different partsof the country.

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Re: Registering for an epidural?

  • I think my nurse asked my preference when we checked in, but nothing besides that. I just told her when I was ready and she called anesthesia to come. But I also didn't have to pre register at my hospital so I don't know if that makes a difference.
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  • I was asked when I got admitted if I wanted one, I said I wanted to try without one, 8 hours later, I had no progress so I changed my mind.  I did have to wait almost an hour to get it then, I think otherwise it may have been quicker. 
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  • We did a hospital tour and all of our paper work a month ago. That way we can walk right in to L D. So I have already filled out my epi paperwork. I still have a chance to say no but this just makes it easier if I do want one.
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  • I had to fill out any paperwork for it and pay a seperate copay for it by 34 weeks. It didn't mean I had to use it, but when I got to the hospital, they already had it ready if I wanted it. If I hadn't had used it, I'd have gotten money back. :) It's because our hospital uses anethesiologists (spelling?) that are contracted through some other place. They don't work directly for the one hospital.
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  • The hospital I delivered DS1 at had you go for a epidural appointment if you wanted one.  You meet with the anesthesiologist and they discussed how it worked, what to expect, etc.  They also took vitals and a health history.  I found it totally pointless.
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  • Thanks! It is interesting to hear how things work in different areas. 
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  • As one who didn't preregister for an epi, when I decided I did want it, I had to wait a little longer and sign consent while in extreme pain which is not fun! They had to ask me "what are we doing" and I said "Having a baby!!!" and they laughed and said "no, I mean what procedure are we doing to you now?" I didn't realize I was supposed to say "epidural" to give my consent lol! And my signature on the paperwork was a literal scribble on the line. In my defense, I hadn't opened my eyes or spoken for about 2 hours prior to this point! So if you have the ability to preregister, do it even if you don't think you will want the epi. I wanted a natural med free birth, but pitocin had other plans for me...
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