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Ectopic, unexpected

Oh dear, what a day. I had posted a couple days ago re: my HCG levels rising at my 2 week checkup post miscarriage, instead of nicely going down the way they were supposed to.

I went in this morning for a transvaginal US to r/o an ectopic pregnancy, or to determine if I ha just had an incomplete miscarriage. I've been bleeding for 3 weeks, which also clued a problem, but haven't had a lot of pain, just what I thought to be cramping/bloating. I also had some intermittent thigh pain on one side, that would subside on its own.

Long story short, I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and my OB suggested methotrexate or surgery to remove the pregnancy. LMP would put me around 9 or 10 weeks. I opted for the methotrexate in order to avoid surgery and hopefully preserve my tube. She went to make arrangements, but came back in fairly quickly, letting us know that there was some bleeding in the pelvis probably causing the referred pain to my thigh, and that her gut feeling was to do the surgery so I didn't end up in an emergency situation over the weekend.

Things moved pretty quickly at that point, and surgery to remove the pregnancy and my right tube happened this afternoon. My OB did tell my husband that she's really glad that we did the surgery today, as the tube appeared to be in the beginning stages of rupture.

Like I said, I did not have a lot of pain, especially considering the size/age of the baby. I also had some type of nodule, which could have been a factor in my miscarriage/suspected ectopic in November, or could be from this pregnancy, she was unsure. That got sent to pathology, but she did not seem overly concerned.

I guess after all of this rambling, I just wanted to stress that apparently not all ectopic pregnancies have crazy amounts of pain, or at least not mine in this case.

I have my FX that only having one tube will not totally alter my chances of healthy pregnancies in the future. I have done quite a bit of reading tonight, and feel like I've seen a lot of success stories, so I'll hope and pray that I'm in that population.

Thanks for listening as always. So glad to have found this board, it truly is a Godsend during this horrific time.
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Re: Ectopic, unexpected

  • Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry for what you've been through. Your story sounds so very similar to mine, I would totally want to echo what you said about not all ectopics being painful. Well, at least mine wasn't until the day some unusual pain brought me to the ER and everything unravelled from there, but until that day I really had no pain whatsoever.  I too ended up in surgery with an imminent rupture, and lost my right tube as well, both the gyn who did my surgery and what I've found online seem to suggest that the chances of getting pregnant with only one tube aren't as bad as one might think. Did you know the egg can even go from our right ovaries to our left tubes, so our chances aren't just cut in half by losing a tube? I find that comforting to know.  

    At any rate, thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you find the support and healing you need here! ((Hugs))



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  • I am so sorrt for your loss and what you have been through. Glad your OB was proactive.

    I lost my right tube due to a torsion in 2009 and that was excruciatingly painful. I conceived my DD 5 months later and I have PCOS.

    It seems that your ovaries take turns o'ing but its not like they alternate per se but one ovart can o twice in a row. Also, I was told the remaining tube can pick up the egg from the opposite side as the tubes are more or less floating between both ovaries.

    Be good to yourself and HTH

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. What a scary and heartbreaking situation. I also hope that it doesn't alter your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Many ((hugs))


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  • I just had surgery yesterday...so I know your pain. For me it was extremely painful yesterday and not only did I lose my left tube and ovary, there was damage to the right. Not to say that I can't ever get pregnant again but is was still very disturbing news for me. I was 6 weeks. I'm 34 and in my opinion running out of time. But I'm still hopeful bc God always has a plan and I pray his plan for u is to bless u with a healthy baby!
  • Thanks for all of the kind words. I'm so grateful for this board, and for ladies like you. Although I am sorry we are all here to begin with. ::Hugs:: to all!!
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