3rd Trimester

LO moved down and tailbone pain!

So little has moved down and I have the worst tailbone pain ever! Her kicks are lower and I can breathe again!

I think my time maybe near! what you think?

Also what can I do for tailbone pain?

Re: LO moved down and tailbone pain!

  • Mine has dropped, un-dropped, and dropped again. Dropping doesn't mean a whole lot, it's about as useful as effacement and dilation. Some people go in to labor soon after some will go 40+ weeks. Not much you can do for the baby resting on all new internal items. Tylenol, a heat pad and some ice. Mine has been head down and dropped into my pelvis for about 5 weeks. I waddle like penguin and feel like my crotch will break at any moment. I'm hoping labor soon but not holding out much hope. I expect to go to my c-section date of 39 weeks and 5 days.
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  • A hemorrhoid pillow!   Yoga ball?

    I agree, its way to early for baby, good luck though. 

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  • I also have the same pain.  I work in a hospital and asked one of the PT's for some advice to allieviate the pain.  She told me that when I sit in a chair place a folded pillow under me, but allow the very back of my butt (where the tailbone is) to float off of the edge.  She said to envision that you have an actual tail and to give it room to hang down.  It may sound silly but the first time I sat like that I had no pressure sitting down, staying sat or standing up.  Best advice ever!!!
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