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Just failed my glucose

I have GD... :( I am nervous that I my baby wont be healthy (i know it can be controlled, i just had a breakdown) i cried for like 2 hours after the appointment. This is my first child, so i have no idea how GD works or what risks it causes besides having a larger baby (which is fine with me as long as everything else is okay) i have already gotten on the diet and prick my finger 3 times a day and my blood sugar is already below the hundreds.... i exercise every day now and i dont know i am just so worried. I know people who have had GD and have had perfect babies... i am just nervous because it is the unknown. Have any of you had GD?

Re: Just failed my glucose

  • You'l be fine. Just follow their diet recommendations.
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  • Just try to breathe. It will be ok. It's very hard to hear the diagnosis I know. With DD1 I cried for 2 weeks and was so scared and mad. But I had a very healthy 6lb 14oz baby. And only gained 28 lbs thanks to the GD diet. With this pg I expected it and haven't cried once since being diagnosed. My advice is to make sure you are still getting ENOUGH carbs. Sometimes people think they should cut them out significantly but that's not the case. Exercise is really great! Just remember it should all be over as soon as that baby comes out.
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  • Controlled GD is not that big of a deal. Lots of women are diagnosed while pregnant. Your doctor will closely monitor you. Follow the diet and check your sugars often. There are extreme cases of everything that you can find relating to pregnancy. Dr. Google is not your friend.
  • As PPs have said, its temporary, and all manageable. I have it, found out at 30 weeks, and have been on insulin almost since they diagnosed me because my numbers were/are high [slowly coming down, but have issues with it crashing too]. Also, dont beat yourself up if you do get high readings. Its all about testing what foods make the blood sugars in YOUR body high. And that hormones and stress play into your numbers as well. GL!
  • Thank you so much ladies, I am 31 weeks and he has not sent me to a nutritionist... Just gave me the diet. You guys really helped! I have been using Dr. Google which now i know is not smart! but thank you ugys again... yall helped alot!
  • My SIL said something to me when I was going for my 3 hour test really helped.  She said that if I did have it, the remainder of my pregnancy would be so healthy and good for me and baby.  Try to think of it that way.  Now that you are following the diet and working out more, you are doing great things for your baby and your body.  Another silver lining; I think most OBs will not let you go beyond your due date when you have GD.  So at least you know you will not have to wait a week passed your due date to be induced (should it come to that).  
  • I had it with DD and she was perfectly healthy at birth, no issues at all, and it went away for me right after delivery. She was bog though - 9lbs 3oz and 2 weeks early. I have it again this time as well. 

    try not to worry. just follow the diet and check your numbers, I'm sure you and baby will be fine.  

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