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Breast Pump - Lucina Melodi

Have any of you heard of or used the Lucina Melodi Advance breast pump? It's one of the pumps that my insurance will pay for. It looks nice and works off a battery which will be great for work. However I have never heard of this brand. I'd rather get the Medela but from what I've heard they are running short on those.
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Re: Breast Pump - Lucina Melodi

  • It's the inhouse brand of Edgepark DME. They are trying to push it on people, by not having the Medelas in stock but plenty of their brand. I won't take it. I want the Medela to get my money's worth out of my insurance.

    Check if you can get the Medela through your hospital.
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  • Never heard of this, I just bought the Medela PIS but my insurance didn't cover any kind of pump.  Does your insurance cover the Ameda Purely Yours?  My previous insurance covered that and it was a great pump, I used it every day for a year and had no problems with it.  It started to sort of break at the end of 13 months, hence why I bought a new one this time around.
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  • They do cover the Ameda Purely Yours. I also just saw they cover the Lansinoh Affinity Pro which is the one I was looking at before I found out my insurance pays for it.

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