2nd Trimester

Pubic Symphysis Diastasis

Is anyone else suffering from this yet?  By noon, my pubic bone is killing me and then it keeps getting worse throughout the day.  I remember this happening with my first pregnancy, but didn't think it was so early on.  It was also really painful post-partum, I guess when the ligaments were tightening up again.  Is there anything that provides relief?
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Re: Pubic Symphysis Diastasis

  • See a chiropractor. I have having trouble with this a few weeks ago. I went to the chiro and he explained the my left hip was out of joint, which put pressure on my ligaments. After he put my hip joint back I felt 1000 times better. 
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  • I have it. I was given a maternity pelvic support belt and told perhaps I need physical therapy but I can't do that until I see my new OB. I have had it since about 13 weeks and it sucks so I feel your pain.

  • I haven't had this problem but I know that it can get pretty bad as pregnancy progresses.  A friend of mine that I was pregnant with the first time ended up having to wear a belt to kinda hold her hips together.  It was very painful and made working really difficult for her.
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  • Exactly! Walking, standing on one leg, stairs, getting in and out of bed and pretty much anything that requires the use of the pelvis area that you really don't think about with day to day functions hurts. Talk about a waddle?! I have a pretty bad one. I am sure I am being judged but screw it because it hurts.

  • I am feeling your pain hon!  It seriously feels like someone kicked me repeatedly in the pubic bone.!! My hips are really killing me too.

    My OB wants me to start using a maternity belt.  I am hoping to get it next week!!

  • Most docs will tell you that there is nothing you can do, or it's round ligament pain... DON'T LISTEN! I went through 5 months of horrific pain which included not being able to walk, dress, sit or stand comfortably, and clean my house.  I finally foundGail Tulley at  http://www.spinningbabies.com/ ;

    who recommended body work... I also had sciatica. She suggested maternity  physical therapist, maternity chiropractic care, swimming, yoga, and a few techniques she lists on her website. Since I've followed the regimen, I haven't had much pain.  My therapist told me not to do chores and to deligate them, which I have and notice when I try to clean I make the pain re-appear. I feel so much better when I'm able to just relax and stick to my regimen. 

    I live in MN and here is the link to the chiropractor, who also specialises in aligning a breeched baby to the correct position for delivery. http://www.naturallyaligned.com/#4

     Blooma can help too. http://www.blooma.com/

     Insurance typically doesn't cover the services. You might be able to get physical therapy with a pre- authorisation from your midwife or doc... I had to put up a fight for mine because they were telling me it was round ligament or nerve pain... I called BS. 

    Good luck!  

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