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is it supposed to be a compliment?

I have at least 2 women every day tell me that im "small" in terms of my bump. I usually respond with a thank you...but i am honestly not sure if its meant as a compliment or an insult. I have gained 31 lbs and LO is growing fine...
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Re: is it supposed to be a compliment?

  • I feel like it should be but I have people tell me I don't even look pregnant and I have gained almost 30 lbs so far so all I hear is, "You look fat". I know that's not what they mean and they really don't mean anything insulting so I just say thank you and go on my way.
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  • take it as a complement. I asked my dr and he said everything is growing fine, so I don't worry what others say.


  • My doctor said I'd always look small because of my height (the baby just has more room to stretch out) but I've measured perfectly at every appointment.  I get lots of people telling me I look small and I just say "Yep, I look small but I'm the perfect size.  I'm just a roomier oven for the baby".  Honestly, it's the first time in my life that I've been told that I'm small, so I'm kind of enjoying it :)

  • I doubt anyone means it as an insult. They may not even mean it necessarily as a compliment. It could just be a comment in general.

    Personally, I preferred being "small". I still laugh that I had to reassure L&D nurses that I was full term when I went in to deliver my girls. While my 2nd was preterm (36w4d), the nurse was worried that I was only 32 or so weeks and my water had broken. I even got an amusing "are you sure?" when I told her I was past 36 weeks. It seemed such a silly question. 

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  • I know exactly what you mean.... I work at Walmart as a cashier & every.single.day I have someone say "Oh wow you're so tiny!" or "omigosh you don't even look that far along!" ... I just kinda laugh & say yeah I know that's what I've heard but as long as she's healthy then I'm ok with it!
  • I'm pretty sure it's meant as a compliment.  I get it multiple times a day and take it as such even though I feel HUGE.
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  • I get this all the time.  I am 32 weeks and baby is always measuring 4+ weeks ahead.  I can't help but think how do people that look "big" feel?  I feel massive, haven't seen my toes in weeks (while standing) and it's a 12step process to get up or roll over.

     Oh, and I've gained 35pounds!!  While I am tall(5'8") and was skinny to start baby is everywhere.  She is VERY low down and wayyy up under my ribs.  I really hope she starts to grow outwards or I feel like her feet will start sticking out my throat!!


  • It is a compliment.  People can't believe that I am due in 3 weeks someone actually said they thought I was like 6 months. I would rather people tell me I look small then ask me if I was expecting twins or comment about how huge I was.

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  • and it's a 12step process to get up or roll over.

    Bahahaha!  This made me laugh because it is SO true!  Especially if I am sitting on the floor or laying down in bed.

  • I would take it as a compliment. It's much better than the comment I got a couple of days ago. I went to the grocery store and the lady bagging my things commented that a lady having twins that's due soon "isn't even as big as I am". Really? Thanks.


  • would rather hear small, than big
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  • image SarahRae85:

    I doubt anyone means it as an insult. They may not even mean it necessarily as a compliment. It could just be a comment in general.


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  • I am 37 weeks and have gained 27 lbs, everyone tells me I look small, I guess take it as a compliment.

  • I def. take it as a compliment. I'm 28 weeks and just recently have popped out. It more hurts my feelings now that people are like WOW you have exploded. I think its all the hormones.. because I was so ready for the bump but now I am self conscious because I have exploded so to speak. Which in all reality I have only gained 14 lbs. and am very tall, so I am basically carrying a basketball.
  • My midwife told me people will always have something to say, whether it is that you are big or small, but just to ignore them as everyone's pregnancy is different.

    I am long waisted and have a lot of room for baby to spread out, people tell me allll the time that I don't even look pregnant.  I do think to myself, um thanks, do you think this is a beer belly?? since I am almost 30 weeks ... but never really take it personally. 

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  • People honestly don't know what to say in this situation...the correct (and frankly, ONLY) thing to say to a pregnant bag of hormones is to say "you look GREAT!" (or a variation of those words....)

    And to be honest, I am totally guilty of saying someone looked small, etc before I got pregnant. Sigh.  I hope people forgot/forgave me. :)

     BTW, you look awesome!  

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