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How far in advance did you...

Pack your hospital bag?  I do not remember with my first one.  I am 37 weeks, but most of my stuff that needs to be packed I use day to day, which means there wouldn't be much stuff in my bag.  Should I pack it and live out of it for a couple of weeks?

Re: How far in advance did you...

  • I have a list printed and set with my duffel bag. All the non-daily items are already tucked away. The rest will be tossed in when I decide it's time to go to the hospital and am waiting on babysitters/DH.
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  • I've packed a few items. I bought duplicates because I know when I am in labor I will probably forget something unless I pack it now while I have a semi clear head :)
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  • I started packing at 36 weeks but am still adding to it!  I have a few items that I'm still using and won't be added until I'm ready to leave for the hospital.
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  • Honestly there isn't that much I needed/actually used with my stay with DD#1.  So this time all I've done is kept a bag in my closet below where I've hung a few nursing tops, and set aside some nice toiletries DH brought home from a recent trip (that way I don't have to dry off my everyday stuff in the shower).  I've also hung up DD#2's coming home outfit next to my stuff.  So when I'm in labor, it will take apx. one minute to toss items in the bag and grab my toothbrush.
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  • image SarahRae85:
    I have a list printed and set with my duffel bag. All the non-daily items are already tucked away. The rest will be tossed in when I decide it's time to go to the hospital and am waiting on babysitters/DH.

    This- I have a checklist with all items I want/need, and then each item is marked with "Pack Now" and "Pack Later". I've already packed all the "Pack Now" items, the remainder are things that I use daily, but the printed list will keep me focused when I'm packing during labor, otherwise I would forget something. It's also a good checklist to have in case I'm not leaving from the house when I'm in labor and have to send someone to get my bag for me- it's very clear as to what needs to be thrown in the bag. 

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  • I think I did it while in labor. I know that was my plan, anyway. 

    I just brought sample sized shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toothpaste and I packed that stuff ahead of time. I think I had a list of stuff not to forget... my toothbrush, face wash, ect.  

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  • Mine is 80% packed. Mostly clothes and pads, etc. I have a list on my iPhone to finalize packing when I go into labor. I don't understand how people have a bag all packed and in the car weeks in advance, unless they packed travel size toiletries and don't live where it gets below freezing...

  • 4041 weeks? Ha I didn't have him to 42 anyway.
  • I packed what I could into a duffle bag last week.  The items that I will add last minute are in a list on my whiteboard. 

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  • I have a bag packed and in the car. All I have to grab are my vitamins, makeup bag, and purse and I am set. I had some travel toiletries leftover from a trip so that helped a bit.

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  • I recently went to the dentist and got a new toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste so I just tucked them into a space saver bag with some of my clothes that I can wear for coming home in as an emergency overnight bag for myself -- hospital is only a 5 minute drive from my house so I figured if I need anything else, I can call dd or send dh to retrieve it.

    I plan to pack the real hospital bag in about 1-2 more weeks.

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  • Long ago. I hate being unprepared and figure it's one of few things I can do to be prepared.  It was packed by maybe 24 weeks and in the car by 26 weeks. We also trategically worked to have one major purchase a week from about 16 weeks so all is pretty much ready.

    Paid off, pre-term labor started friday and partial bedrest started tuesday...so I am a lot less stressed knowing we are pretty much set!!

    Of course, we will need to grab camera and phone cords on our way out the door or have the in-laws bring them to us...but easier to have someone find us some phone cords than to come and pack the whole bag!!


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