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Soy Formula=Hard poops?

Ever since I have been giving my baby the soy formula (Gerber Good Start Soy) he has hard pellet like poops. It seems to help his digestive tract but, now I'm not sure. I feel so bad seeing him in pain while he poops. Does anyone else have this issue? If so any suggestions? Thinking about calling his pediatrician. His little butt is so sore.
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Re: Soy Formula=Hard poops?

  • My DD is also on soy formula. Her poops have been fine, but her ped suggested adding a little prune juice to the formula (replace 1 oz of water) if she ever gets constipated. I'd try that.
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  • I just switched my son to Soy this past monday afternoon. He has gone from pooping 8-10 times a day (yellow and seedy which was normal) to 1-2 times a day (like clockwork too...) and its dark green and thick which is apparently also normal according to similacs web site.

    I would call your dr and just ask what you can do to help. Like the other poster mentioned, they use a little prune juice.

    Was there a reason you switched to soy? I had to switch him due to a milk allergy. Had been seeing a little bloody mucus in his diaper.

  • DS2 is also on soy and had trouble pooping, the doc suggested to give him a little bit of juice with water. It helped a lot. I would give him an ounce of juice with an ounce of water. And once your little one starts food the poopy problem should get better. Bananas are suppose to help regulate it and make it easier to go.
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  • I had to get my DD on soy do to milk sensitivity. She takes it great and eats like a little piggy :) Same description on the poop.  She has been fighting constipation ever since. The dr said to do .5 baby apple juice and .5 water. I have only tried this a couple of times. I am not sure if its working or not. Old school method was to take her temp in her bottom. I have done this 2 times now and every time within a couple of hours she goes. I would check with the dr about that method cause you dont want to do it every time cause you could irritate them down there but its working for me. Good luck,
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  • I switched because his tummy wasn't agreeing with the regular milk. He would get very bad tummy aches & this is what his pediatrician suggested. He doesn't have a problem pooping. I just feel bad because the stools are so hard.
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