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Opinions are like....what to do?(vent)

Hello fellow Mommies! Please excuse me while I rant.

So yesterday we had out 3/4D sono done. It was amazing to say the least. Took both BIG SISTERS to watch their little brother at 31 weeks. Now we get home at 5:30, I upload all pics to computer and proceed to select the good ones to send to my in laws. I didn't want to send all 55 pics as some were very obstructed. (Little one was cuddled into placenta) At 5:45 while I am doing this, DH's aunt stopped by (short back story, his parents didn't talk to this lady for 27 years, now they re connected because aunt is MILS twin sister...wierd I know) but now it seems they are shoving this woman down my throat. She stops by all the time and is just a whack. Always has some nasty remark or sideways glare to give me, and I don't even know her...Here's were my rant begins...So DH  tells his Evil Aunt that we just got back from seeing SILAS (name we chose) and she gasps...and actually says "Eww", her next words were "Oh boy I can't wait til you tell your mother THAT name that you chose...Good Luck". I stayed in office with my back to this woman as I wanted to punch her lights out. (Holy HORMONES) No sooner does she leave we get a call about 8 minutes later from the in laws that they are the last to know everything and blah blah blah. I sent them the pics first, even before I posted on social media...and DH says I am being hormonal..I said flat out."YOUR AUNT IS AN *&^*^*^, pardon my french" but am I wrong. Why does everyone have to state their opinion. We like the name, WE are having this baby boy, and WE chose it! I am sorry for the manic typing. I am sooo upset and just am wondering if I am crazy?

Re: Opinions are like....what to do?(vent)

  • I think I would stop sharing anything with all those people.  All of them. 
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  • This is why I don't tell anyone in our family anything....


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  • You're not crazy and you're entitled to feel however you want. I will tell you though- it will save you a world of pissiness if you just label this woman "bat sh#t crazy" and dismiss anything she has to say. There are some people that don't deserve any energy and she sounds like one of them. Focus on the people that matter.

    As far as the IL's they should know better re: the aunt and I would say as much in a nice way. I would also not share any more info at ALL with the crazy aunt, therefore she'll have no ammo with which to make trouble.

    GL! :)

  • Just stop telling them things.

    As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    It's not as if their opinions, whether expressed or not, actually have any power to change your mind.

    // I love you too. //

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    I think I would stop sharing anything with all those people.nbsp; All of them.nbsp;

    This. My family is super opinionated and my FIL basically told us that every name on our list was "stupid" so as a result we have decided not to tell any of them the names that we have chosen.
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    I think I would stop sharing anything with all those people.  All of them. 

    This. For sure. 


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  • Thank you Ladies! Sincerely. I did not want to share our name choice AT ALL however, it seemingly POPPED out of DH's mouth. I haven't really spoken to my In laws much since the pregnancy since MIL especially never has a nice thing to say. Luckily, they live out of state and we don't have to see them much, for that I am thankful. FIL was always my bud but MIL has since become a thorn in my side since she re-connected with twin. She's one of those people who cannot get along with everyone so there always has to be a target so to speak. I will just let DH deal with his side of the family. It's not like I am being dramatic or causing issues. I still let my kids call in laws whenever or talk on phone to them whenever they call the kids of DH. I just am slowly stepping away and staying in the backround. I did say last night while they were on speakerphone that I am so glad that I am an orphan so I don't have to deal with this crap, then naturally I casually stormed out. (not really stormed but left to pick up pizza) I am done trying to please everyone.
    When I came home I told DH how I felt and he said that by me being upset that "THEY WIN" and I am like can;t you just agree that your mom & her sister are evil and plotting> and he said yes, they are but don't let them get to you. Big help DH, BIG HELP.  Thanks again ladies. I'll go pout in my ice cream later.
  • is this the same aunt that you in laws wanted you to sepmd Christmas with?  You are so not crazy, I hate that everyone MUST share their opinion like they helped conceive these children. 


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  • And this is why we aren't sharing our name with anybody, short of strangers on the street.

    However, if shes' that awful who cares what she thinks.


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  • Tondraluv, that would be the aunt. I but my tongue and sucked it up for xmas. However, she was making snide comments the hour she was here that day. I don't know the woman. I did buy a little chinsy gift just so she'd have something to open. It was a little wine set w/ charms and coasters and a gorgeous bottle topper. She opens gift and says "Oh boy, I don't drink, EVER" pretty much saying GFY in my opinion. So I didn't say much but I did say "You post on FB how you have wine every now and then, so enjoy" and I went and took dogs for a walk. Luckily her visit Christmas morn was short lived but annoying enough for my sake. Supposedly she is going to be moving out of state with her twin (my in laws) I honestly cannot wait for that to happen. I am not trying to project but if the two sister should come up to visit they will be getting a hotel as they are NOT WELCOME In my home for hotel /lodging purposes. I am sick of having to bite my tongue or suck it up in my own home. Hopefully DH will back my up if it comes to that...we shall see.
  • That's why DH and I don't share names until after birth. People are rude and feel entitled to give their opinion before the baby is born but shut their mouths once the baby has arrived and it's a done deal (like they should!).

    I don't think you're being crazy at all.

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  • 1.  Don't deal with crazy aunt.  If your H would like to and have a relationship with said crazo, I don't see where you have to be a part of that.

    2.  People feel the need to tell you their opinion about everything regarding your child.  You are going to have to come up with a tactful (if that's how you are, I personally am not) way to let people know that your business is not their business.

     3.  Screw crazy aunt because I love the name Silas.


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