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Cytotec Question....

I know there was a lot of controversy about the use of cytotec during induction, and I had kind of thought that it wasn't being used anymore but apparently I was wrong. I'm just wondering what people think about the use of this drug during labor induction? Safe, or worth putting my foot down in the hospital?

Have I just seen too many propoganda type documentaries, or is it reasonable to try to avoid this drug? If I'm not being alarmist, what is the best and safest alternative?

BTW - I have no reason to believe that I will end up with an induction, I'm just really confused on the topic and want to have all my ducks in a row if it does come to that. Thanks ladies!

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Re: Cytotec Question....

  • I personally would exhaust all other options before using cytotec.
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    I personally would exhaust all other options before using cytotec.

    Do you have any information on alternatives? I'm not even sure what to ask for if it comes down to that, and I'm worried that the doctors/nurses will just say "well this is the best one so you have to deal with it."

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  • Cervadil, nipple stimulation,  foley bulb are the 3 I can think of.  There is also sex!  :)


  • I'm in the same boat as you.  I found out that my hospital is a big fan of cytotec, despite the fact that if you look up cytotec, their own website says that it is not to be used for induction, and it is NOT approved by the FDA for induction.

    That being said, there must be a reason why one of the best hospitals would continue to use it (aside from it costing next to nothing). I read somewhere that although there are about 12 reported cases of maternal death associated with the drug, there are similar incidents happening when pitocin is used to induce/strengthen contractions. The big difference is that you get pitocin via IV, and if you have a bad reaction, it can be stopped.  With cytotec, they put the pill in your vagina, and there is little chance they would be able to find it again if they needed to stop administering it.

    Anyhow, when I found out that my OB would use cytotec to induce if needed, I called my natural childbirth instructor in a panic.  She did tell me that she had past mothers who loved the cytotec and had good experiences with it.

    I myself have not yet decided whether to make a big stink about it if I get induced... I'm hoping to exhaust the other options before using any drugs (acupressure/acupuncture, evening primrose oil, castor oil, nipple stimulation, sex...). 

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  • My OB used Cytotec when I was induced with DD- at the time I didn't think to question why she picked that over Cervadil- it was my first child, I was 24 and took what my OB suggested as the best option (not to say that all 24 year olds don't question it). My sister who was induced a month before me was induced with Cervadil, and when I told her my OB was going to use Cytotec she questioned it being a pharmacist and knowing the mechanics of the drug behind the name. My induction ended up being great, I did have some extremely intense contractions but I also had scar tissue on my cervix from a leep procedure that wouldn't allow me to dilate so I chalk a lot of the intensity/pain off to real deal contractions with no place for LO to go. Once my water broke (on its own) they finally gave me an epidural, I went from no dilation to a 4 immediately and then DD was ready for me to push three hours later. 

    My sister, on the other hand ended up having to have a c-section after laboring for 14 hours with stalled progress at a 3 (stuck at a 3 for 6 hours and a fever started creeping in). She was also induced at 39 weeks for no reason other than she was ready to have him, so he may very well have not been ready to make his appearance.

    If you have to have an induction, talk through the options with your OB. Let them know your concerns with any issues (practices, medications, etc.) and tell them your preference. If your OB can't make you feel OK using Cytotec, tell her that you want it to be the absolute last resort and would rather exhaust all other natural options first. Those natural options are things that you can do at  home, so more than likely if they schedule an induction and your cervix isn't ripe they will use either Cervadil, Cytotec or a bulb thing (scientific name :) ).

    Good luck, and here's to hoping you don't have to be induced!! 

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  • Its not FDA approved to be used on pregnant women its can cause alot of problems. I wouldnt allow it to be used on me personally. Yea, alot of women who use it have few issues but i wouldnt take the chance. Theres other things you can ask for. And they cant force you to accept it.
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