Anyone using Prevacid?

My 10 week son (adjusted) has bad reflux and his GI put him on prevacid.  Ever since we started a week ago ds has been eating horribly.  He refuses his bottle (pumped bm w/ 24 cal booster) and barely finishes 3 oz when he finally does give in to eat. 

 I've been seeing on Dr Google that a side effect is appetite suppresant but the pharmacist won't confirm and the GI Dr is on vacation and I can't get an answer from the office.  ugh.

What are your experiences w/ prevacid?

Re: Anyone using Prevacid?

  • My daughter was on Zantac and it helped a lot.  She ate fine while on it so you could ask your doctor about trying it instead.  But 3 oz seems pretty good, I think when my daughter was 10 wks adjusted she was still having 2 oz at times.  Did anything else change around the same time?  Different bottles or nipples?  Are you mixing it in the bottles - maybe he doesn't like the taste and you could try just giving it to him in one shot of a syringe?
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  • My DD is on Prevacid but she's much older.  I didn't notice any difference in her appetite.  

    She was on Zantac as a baby which did nothing, and Prilosec which helped but not as much as the Prevacid does.  

     How much did he eat before starting the Prevacid?   

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  • He wasn't a big eater before prevacid.  He has some eating issues that we're trying to figure out.  He was born at 26w2d so I get a lot of "it's a preemie thing" which drives me crazy. The acid reflux was an obvious problem that I thought could be easily resolved but I'm finding out that isn't the case. He was on Zantac in the NICU but he started getting a rash. We took him off when he got home and there was no significant difference before/ after.

    With the Prevacid there is a definite difference as he's not throwing up as much but then again, he's not eating as much either. 

    We're just so frustrated. I'm asking the Dr if we can change from Enfacare to something else as maybe that's whats making the reflux so bad. I pump and give him bf I only use the Enfacare as a calorie booster.

    I see the ped tomorrow so hopefully he'll have some answers.

  • I'm really sorry.  I hope you get answers at the Dr. tomorrow.  

    Maybe someone else with Prevacid experience in a younger baby will weigh in. Hang in there! 

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  • Unfortunately it is common for preemies to have GI struggles and they do get better as they grow... but I'd ask your doctor about trying Similac NeoSure - when we switched to just formula (instead of supplementing breastmilk) my daughter started having more issues and we switched from EnfaCare to Neosure, and she did much better.  Also I think smaller meals more often helps them digest better.  We've also used Mylecon and it seemed to always help.
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  • Was your LO on another reflux med prior to the Prevacid? When DD was younger, we quit Zantac and started Prevacid but it can take a few weeks for the Prevacid to kick in and work fully. He might be experiencing some reflux and doesn't have as much of an appetite as a result. Hope it gets better soon!!
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