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for those who didn't pass to 1hr GTT... Q

I just got my results back  for the 1 hr and they said my sugar level was 149 (eek). Is there anyone who had a similar number and passed the 3 hour gtt? For breakfast before the 1 hour I ate a piece of toast with butter, a half glass of milk, and a few sips of v8 juice. 
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Re: for those who didn't pass to 1hr GTT... Q

  • yeah, 149 isnt bad at all! I had a 189 and the passed the three hour no problem! I think for the three hour you fast the night before starting at midnight, then you go to drs and they take blood first (fasting) and then again 3 times after sugar drink! The day before east as usual, it will be ok, just sticks sitting there for 3 hours starving and thirsty!! Good Luck!
  • mine my last pregnancy was high and I passed the 3 hour.

    I had my 1 hour yesterday and I even fasted and still failed he darn thing.. my score was 136 I believe.   So now I have to do the nasty 3 hour crap tomorrow and since I dont want to do it midday I have to be there at 7 freakin AM just so I can make my 10:15 ultrasound which is in the same building.   
    yea I am in an aw-some mood *enter sarcasm*.    Not to mention my arm hurts like a son of a _______ from the TDaP shot yesterday.

    Our homeschool group is having a valentines party for the kids today and I am in NO mood to go.... I am tired and grumpy, still have to frost the cupcakes and take a shower AND get there by 1PM and it is already after 11... ugghh CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!

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  • I had a 137 and passed the 3 hour, I think your breakfast may have had something to do with it. My clinic said if I did eat breakfast to not eat any carbs, so the bread and milk could have thrown your number off. I read somewhere that the sugar in what they make you drink is equal to whats in a slice or two of bread...
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  • I did my 1-hour on Monday and found out I didn't pass either.  Mine came back 140.  So this morning I did my 3-hour test.  I pray it comes back normal!  The morning of my 1-hour I also ate toast and then for a light lunch I had a ham sandwich (my appointment wasn't until 1:00).  So I'm thinking the bread wasn't such a good idea.  I sorta wish they would tell you to fast before the 1-hour or give you some direction on what not to eat, so the test isn't false positive.  Granted if it is truly GD, I would want to know.  Hopefully we pass the 3-hour, good luck!
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  • Mine was 144 and I passed the 3 hour with flying colors.

  • Mine was 138 in the office and they also sent it to the local blood bank here and called me a couple days later and said it was 143, so I was also really nervous about the 3 hour!! My doctors office told me I had to fast for 12 hours before the 3 hour, I really just don't understand how anyone can expect a pregnant woman to fast for that long!! I mean its 12 hours UNTIL the test and then while you are there for 3 hours you still can't eat...that's 15 hours, I don't know when the last time is I went 15 hours without eating!!

     Sorry for the vent... Confused

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  • I'm not even sure there is a quick answer for passing, though the 3 hour seems to be easier. Noone told me to fast or watch what I ate before my one hour. I had a luncheon with sweet tea, fresh rolls and Carmel pecan cheesecake about an hour before I took mine and passed.
  • with my first baby I failed the 1 hour then passed the 3 hour. It sounds like you didn't eat enough protein and the milk and v8 have sugar so you should've skipped them. My MW told me to only drink water and eat protein and no bread, and this time I passed the 1 hour. The 3 hr isn't as bad as you think, I did have a nasty bruise on my arm from being poked so much. Also, take something to read or a tablet if you have one. It gets boring. Try not to worry...I'm sure you're fine.

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  • I just got the call that I didn't pass my 1 hour. My level was 159. The office didn't say anything about not eating carbs before the test. I just avoided 'sugary' foods. I such a baby with needles and super upset that I need to take the 3 hour test. Ugh!

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  • Rates shown for different people who fail 1 hour then pass 3 hour:

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