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What's the weirdest nickname or name in general that you've called your LO?

DD's name is Amelia, so I've called her Mia, Amelia Bedelia (sp?), and Crazy, Beebs, Bubba, and Peanut.

I'm just lurking and bored before I get to leave and go talk to a school about a program they have... *sigh*

Re: Nicknames

  • I mostly call Talon, my son, "Bugaboo" "Buggy" "Sweetpea" and "Honey"

    DH and I both call him "T" "Dude" "Buddy"

    When he was first born, we called him "Leggies" for a while because his legs were soooo long (for a baby, we thought Big Smile )

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  • I call my DD Bam Bam, she always has that little pony on top of her head.

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  • I call Alianna - Ali, Peanut and Baby.


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  • We have so many NNs for her. I mentioned on here before that we never use her name or any variation of it. 

    Choopie, Choopa loopie, Chalupa

    Laverne: this is bcuz when she was NB I would always say "Love her" instead of "love you" and the more I said it the more it sounded like Laverne.  

    Chicken, Chicken nugget, Pumpkin (prob the most used) Muffin, etc. 

    I'm 99% sure she thinks her name is Pumpkin, even though she will respond if we call her Natalia.

    Totally off topic- Whenever she sees a picture of herself and someone asks her who it is in the picture she always says "You" because everyone would say "That's you" when she looked at pics of herself.  

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  • image Mrs Castillo:

    Totally off topic- Whenever she sees a picture of herself and someone asks her who it is in the picture she always says "You" because everyone would say "That's you" when she looked at pics of herself.  


    This is ADORABLE.


    I call my LO "Monkey Moo", not sure why.  She certainly is a monkey sometimes.  Also lots of variations of her name.  DH calls her Punk which evolved from Pumpkin.  Also Baby, Sweetie, Honey, Little One, etc. 

  • we have a bunch...and they answer when we talk to their sibling too...or if we ask who's in a picture, they may say their own name or their siblings...apparently they are pretty interchangeable right now.... :0P

    Jeshua (DS): Jesh, Jeshie, Bud, Buddy, Budzer, Mister Poopers

    Becca (DD): Boodle, Mama, Sugar, Sweetie, Becca Jayne-i-mous, Ladybug

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  • Oh I have so many. Loo, which turned into Loopy, and when she brings out the diva, we always call her Janelle-y pants or Janellington (Janelle is her mn, and for some reason, it stuck when she was being whiney and tantrumy) I have a million more, but those are the weirder ones.
  • I call him Biscuit. He has a biscuit head (I always tell him not to hit his biscuit head on the table), biscuit face, biscuit feet and biscuits (butt cheeks). I'm a weirdo.

    We also call him Buddy, Buddy Man, Marshall Man, (The) Dude, Mister (when he was super tiny) and Chunka. 

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  • LOL, I call DS Kierney Poo.

    One day, he's going to hate me for it, I know.


    I also call him Fritzy sometimes. His mn is after my grandpa, Frederick. My grandpa's sister used to call my grandpa Fritzy, so that's kind of stuck.

    I ALWAYS say "Are you ready, Freddy?"

  • Mrs. C, my DD calls herself "you" too!! If she sees a picture she calls it Aw-dee, but if she wants to do something she'll point at herself and say "you." And she calls me "me." Not sure how to correct this without just confusing the heck out of her, so I'm gonna let it pass on its own.

    We call her Auds most of the time. Also Audsie, honey bunny, booga looga, tooga looga, tweeter (variation of sweetheart somehow), angel baby (I know that one is over the top, but I can't help it!!), and somehow cutie variations ended up in Bootser. I just call her all kinds of weird things like this, and yesterday my words got mixed together and I ended up calling her Tunkies. LOL  That's the weirdest.

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  • Her name is Emily Patricia. We call her "Emme" the most often, to the point that family and friends call her that now LOL 

    We also use EmPat, Chicken Little, and Bug. Mostly Chicken Little and Bug LOL  


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  • We call her lots of names, but mainly Katie Bug, or kiddo.  The weirdest one is "One Track."  She gets an idea in her head and sticks with it: outside, berries/biscuit/bacon (any food really), etc...so we call her One Track!
  • DD's name is Stella, and these are all the ridiculous things I call her:

    turkey, Lella, Lella bird, turkey lurkey, lurkey lu, miss baby, princess, Stella bird, baby peach, nursey bird, boobie monster,  turkey peach. 

    Her daddy calls her these on occasion: mucosa (snotty nose), chimuela (toothless), traviesa (troublemaker), and gre?uda (messy hair).


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  • Our DD's name is Aubree, we call her Bubbahs most of the time, along with Bree and BreeBree.


  • We mostly call him Baby or Zachary.  When he was little we called him Fart Monster because of his monster-sized farting capabilities.  I still call him Monster sometimes, or Baby Monster. 
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  • DD calls DS1 "Dada" because it was the only noise he made for the longest time.

    In DD's world:

    H= Daddy
    DS1= Dada
    DS2= Baby Dada


    She knows her brother's names but only uses them when she wants something.

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