How much frozen BM?

I had mastitis so I began pumping to relieve the pressure and help it heal.  With this, I created an over supply and slowly am getting that under control.  I have A LOT of frozen milk at this point.  Much of which was pumped/frozen when I was on antibiotics for the mastitis and other milk that was frozen while I was taking other medications for post-partum complications (Thus, I would not feel comfortable donating the excess).

How much milk is "plenty" to be frozen?  I have our freezer, and some space in a snow bird family member's freezer full.  At this point DH says to dump some of it (either fresh or frozen) as he won't be buying another freezer to use for a matter of months for milk alone (as we don't need one beyond that).

I am pumping plenty to give fresh for daycare.  I don't believe at this point I have used any frozen milk.  I should add I am on antibiotics again, so the current milk is not what I would be comfortable donating either.

If you have an amount you can suggest... would you dump the older milk (LO is 15 weeks) given that some of it was pumped while on an antibiotic and up to 8 weeks ago, and keep the dates I know I was no longer on this or other medications?

Thank you. 

Re: How much frozen BM?

  • Personally, I would donate the dates where you weren't on medications of any sort, keep about 100 oz, and then start freezing fresh milk that you don't use for your LO in daycare.  Then as you reach 100 oz of fresher milk, dump the older that was from when you were on medication.  Then you can donate as needed. 

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  • I think a freezer full is more than enough....100oz is a comfortable stash for me. 

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  • I assume you are able to BF while on these antibiotics, so it is safe for your baby?

    I wouldn't be hesitant to donate, especially directly to anther mom through Human Milk 4 Human Babies or Eats on Feets; I'd just fully disclose what medication you are on and the fact that your child is drinking your milk while you're on it. 

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  • 100 oz is beyond too much. there's really no need to have hundreds of ounces in a stash. unless something drastic happens, you'll never use it. there are SO MANY babies out there that can benefit from your milk. please consider donating. you can go through a milk bank or something more informal. i use Human Milk for Human Babies (HM4HB) and it's awesome. i've connected with a wonderful family and a beautiful little girl. i feel so blessed to be able to provide milk for another little girl.
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