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Survived our first trip to the ER

Last weekend, right before we were about to leave for our anniversary dinner, LO took a few steps and tripped and went face first into the windowsill and got a bit cut on his face. It stopped bleeding after about 15 minutes and he stopped crying but we were unsure if it needed stitches or not :(  It's hard to know as a first time parent if you are being overly worried or not and it was at night so we could not just swing him by his pedi.  In the end we canceled our plans, and took him to the ER to be looked at just as as precaution.. luckily he just needed some glue to help it heal and no stitches. He seemed more curious about everything in the ER that was a potential new toy to play with, LOL

I feel like I am always holding my breath with my super active toddler... he has energy like no other is so fearless!!  Have any of you had trips to the ER for bumps, cuts, falls, and what is your "threshhold" for deciding to take them in?    

Re: Survived our first trip to the ER

  • DS hasn't been to the ER for any bumps or bruises but has for illness.
    Unless he hits his head hard and is acting strange or he's bleeding and it doesn't stop, I don't think I'd take him in.
    He falls and hits his giant [93rd percentile] head constantly and doesn't even cry. Although he currently has a black eye from one of his recent bumps and I'm pretty sure everyone that sees him thinks I am the worst parent ever for that one!
    But what can I say, toddlers are bound to get some bumps and bruises. Glad to hear your LO didn't need stitches!
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  • Glad he's OK!  We've never been to the ER or had a reason to question whether or not to go ::knock on wood::
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  • Aw, no! Glad everything turned out ok. I think if it gives you a peace of mind, then take him. You never know! I'm sure people have been in for worse...haha

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  • I am glad your LO is okay!  Thankfully neither of my kiddos have had any ER worthy bumps or bruises.  DS did have an ambulance ride and ER visit  once because he choked (turned blue and stopped breathing).  That was a pretty clear cut decision, but I don't know what my ER bumps and bruises threshold is.

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  • Only for illnesses.  DS1 has had multiple goose eggs on his forehead.  We just keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn't show any signs of a concussion.  He has also split his lip and bit his tongue; those so far have been the only bleeding injuries.  

    I think our threshold is if he showing signs of a concussion, acting strange, or the bleeding won't stop. 

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  • So glad LO is okay!

    DS is a lil daredevil. He is always testing the limits. It results in bumps, bruises, a bloody mouth,a bruised toenail and 2 blackeyes. Wow, I sound like MOTY!

    We haven't had to take him to the er just yet. I watch for signs of head injury or if he had bleeding that can't be stopped.

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  • DD pulled her elbow out of the joint one night, that was our only ER visit thank goodness. Glad LO is ok!
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