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Do you or would you send child's lovie to DC?

I never planned to allow DD to bring her own toys to DC. 

DD is 19 months and NOT a morning person.  Today she insisted that she bring her lovie (that she's pretty attached to at home) in the car when we left for DC.  They she cried when we could not bring it in.  I did not want to drop her off so upset. So I allowed her to bring her lovie in.  The DC provider didn't seem bothererd or resistant to her having the lovie.  She actually dropped it and went about playing shortly after we walked in the door. 

I'd rather her not get used to having her lovie at DC as it's one more toy the DCP has to keep track of and because I can see other kids trying to take it. 

Am I being too strict with DD?  Should I allow this if it's ok with daycare?  Or stick to my plan? 

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts whose had experience with this :-)

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Re: Do you or would you send child's lovie to DC?

  • Does your DD have a cubby of some sort at daycare? Each of our kids went through a phase of bringing a stuffed animal to daycare, but they weren't allowed to play with it in class. They could bring it, leave it in the cubby, cuddle it during nap time, and then put it back until we picked them up.
  • If the DCP isn't worried, don't over think it too much.

    BUT - I hear you.  My DCP actually doesn't like lovies to come - and if they do, she sticks them in their bag as soon as she can.  She's an in-home and it's just her- so I understand.

    Plus, like you, I don't want his lovies to be things he has to take everywhere.  he actually has three - 2 taggies and a little bear.  They can come in the car - no problem.  If we go inside somewhere, he can pick ONE to bring w/ him (since I usually end up carrying it!).  

    And sometimes we'll go somewhere where I tell him "we could lose it - do you want to take that chance?" and he'll say no and leave it in the car.  

    Clearly I don't have a hard and fast rule.  I just try to gauge his mood and if this is a time to really force it or not.  

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  • Fortunately DD knows that lovie goes back in the crib once she is up and she sometimes gets upset but is over by the time she is getting her breakfast in a minute or two.  I don't want her lovie to get lost because she is very attatched to it and I would worry that it would get lost in transportation or at DC.
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  • DS started daycare when he was 19 months.  He was very attached to his lovie at that time.  Daycare was a big adjustment for him, so we let him take his lovie. He only needed to take for the first few weeks, and then he was okay with leaving it home.  It was nice that we had two, since sometimes we forgot to get it at pick-up.
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  • image carlab44:
    Does your DD have a cubby of some sort at daycare? Each of our kids went through a phase of bringing a stuffed animal to daycare, but they weren't allowed to play with it in class. They could bring it, leave it in the cubby, cuddle it during nap time, and then put it back until we picked them up.
    This. My DD is not a morning person either and sometimes it is not worth the struggle.
  • I never let my kid's lovie leave the house. We can't replace one of them (it was discontinued and we've already asked the company and they don't have it). We've always been strict about it so it was never an issue.

    I do let me older kid bring toys to daycare sometime but she has to put them in her backpack or give them to me before going in. I don't let her in the room with a loose toy. I never get it back if we did that.

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  • Olivia hasn't grown attached to any one toy/blankie just yet but as long as it was clearly labeled with her name I wouldn't have any problem letting her take it to DC - but I'd probably feel urge to wash it more often.

    Disclosure - Olivia is the only girl in her class so the teachers can pretty much figure out what stuff is ours.


  • image carlab44:
    Does your DD have a cubby of some sort at daycare? Each of our kids went through a phase of bringing a stuffed animal to daycare, but they weren't allowed to play with it in class. They could bring it, leave it in the cubby, cuddle it during nap time, and then put it back until we picked them up.

    This exactly.  But, I personally HATE bringing lovies or favorite blankets to school.  It's one more opportunity for me to forget to bring it home or for it to get lost/damaged.  DH picked up DD the other day and forgot to check her cubby, so she had to sleep that night without her kitty...not good.

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  • On the rare occasions we allow DD to take a toy out of the house in the morning, we are usually successful in convincing her that it needs to stay in the car so it doesn't get lost.  When she was around 2, she insisted on bringing something into daycare several times - I suspected several kids were egging each other on, because she wasn't the only one carrying a toy in with her.  I'm almost positive that the DCP took back the toys soon after she closed her front door and left them where the kids wouldn't be playing with them all day or losing them.
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  • We've let DD take a lovey to school since she was a baby and first had a "lovey."  School was OK with up until the 3s room - and would let the kids have them as needed.  She's gone through a bunch of loveys and now they are just "her guys" Our rule is that she's allowed to bring 2 things max with her to school or "out" in general and that's worked well. 

    She's never lost anything that she was so attached to that she freaked out.  Sometimes we've forgotten something, but once we're home she can normally find another "guy"

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  • I am fine with it, but I'd rather take an extra to daycare in case it gets lost or ruined.  DS's lovie is his blanket (he has 5 that we rotate through).  Usually we'd just leave one at daycare to be used for naptime.  DS went through a phase where he wanted to take it too and from daycare every day, we would let him and just put it in his cubby once we got into the classroom.
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  • I'd get another exact same lovey for just daycare use. I speak from experience.
  • DD brings a lovie to DC.  Actually, we bought a second that we leave at DC during the week. It comes home on Fridays with everything else to be washed over the weekend.

    DD isn't particularly attached to it, but she does cuddle it while sleeping, it's pretty cute :)

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  • I encouraged my son to make a small thermal blanket his lovie. He calls it his BB. But the key is that he didn't care which one it was and we had about ten in different colors. He kept one at school for nap time till he was about three and now still sleeps with one and drags it around the house.
    So if you can get duplicates, I would let her bring it for nap time.

  • If the lovie is a pacifier I would sent it to DC. Anything else the kids are allowed to bring in the car but not in school. Occasionally, we will bring it inside and store in the cubby. I always warn them if we take it to DC, it belongs to the DC and we may not to see it again.
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  • DH does drop off but has only let er bring it once that I know of. It's a cat in the hat plush she got from my brother. He convinced her to put cat in her car seat and buckle her in. Smart man! I would have never thought of that!
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  • Ds1 has a duplicate of his lovie that stays in his cubby at nap time, and his name is on his lovie.
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  • I would NOT do it. I would be too afraid of it getting lost or damaged at day care.
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  • I own 3 of each of their loveys. DS is not really attached so no biggie there but DD is, though not in the way of dragging it all over, she just really likes it at bed and sometimes if she is upset will ask for it.  They are used to this arrangement b/c they have always had a different one at daycare than at home (different being it is the same item, but there are 2 of them) and the third is the spare which is handy if they puke on the other one or if it gets lost.

    We do have a rule that the the home ones don't go anywhere unless we're going on an overnight trip. Hasn't been an issue but again, with the 2nd one at daycare already and them not being attached outside of sleep for the most part it hasnt been an issue.  As far as other kids taking it, I have been in 2 different daycares & it has never been a problem for naptime, I have a bag (cubby at old place) that has a blanket for naps & the lovey in it. I leave it on her hook M-F, take home to wash every weekend. Most of the kids bring in some sort of lovey or blanket or whatever for naps- I do think DC probably would not appreciate it as something she walks around w/ all day though, that could cause some problems. GL!

    ETA however, on the toy front, I actually do let my kids bring in a toy in the morning & so far (months now) our teachers have not said anything, though part of it is that DS has always had a lot of trouble at drop off even after 3 yrs of DC and bringing something really helps him & I think they know that.  I tell the kids that if they bring something in the other kids are going to want to look at it and touch it and if they dont want to share it they need to give it to me before I leave. I also tell them they must put it in their backpack when the teacher asks them to & as far as I know, they obey this... sometimes they'll hand it to me w/out me asking and ask me to take it back to the car or to put it in their backpack. I honestly don't think we've lost a toy yet that I've bows & clips on the other hand..... ugh. 

  • Both of my kids have blankets they are super attached to. My DD is still in a preK program and they have a nap time each day. The blanket comes out for naptime and stays in her backpack the rest of the day. My DS has to have a particular blanket too. He carries it around with him everywhere he goes.
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  • Definitely! DD still has a rough time at drop off but Baby Stella and her blankie make it go so much smoother.  She's not particular on what blanket she has so if it would ever get lost it's not a big deal.  We bought two Baby Stella's just in case but have never had an issue with it getting misplaced.  Daycare is fine with lovies and actually encourages it. 

  • We use an in home daycare and we send his blankets with him every day.  He obviously naps there and uses his blankets for sleeping as well as comfort when he's upset.  Maybe I would think twice if he went to a center but it's never been an issue for us.

  • I do, yes. I have ironed on a label and have bought 2 back ups in case he gets lost. 


  • We allow them to bring a lovey or toy in the car for the 5 minute drive to daycare. When we get there, they kiss it goodbye and they will see it again after daycare. If they don't cooperate when we're trying to get out the door in the morning, then they don't get to bring something in the car.
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  • We always sent lovies to daycare. They had to stay in the cubby during the day and only came out for naptime.
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  • Sometimes DS will want to take lovie, and I let him take it in the car. I've never let him take it in though. Most days, DS will voluntarily leave lovie in the car. Other days, we have to have a talk about why he can't take lovie. I tell him that we don't want lovie to get lost, dirty, taken home by someone else. I'll also tell him that lovie will be waiting for him when I pick him up in the afternoon.

    DCP wouldn't care if DS brought lovie to his class; I'm the one with the hangup. 

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