Cloth Diapering

Prepping question?

Hi ladies! I am do in a few weeks and have a lot to prep. Can you ladies tell me what I can prep together, and how I should prep these?

I have:


Fleece and microfiber wipers

Stay dry liners which are also fleece and microfiber

6 Alva pocket diapers and inserts

4 Fitted diapers

Also, I have an old front loader, and I usually use liquid in the detergent  tray. I have Rockin Green powder for the diapers, do I just put that in the same tray?

Thanks for any help you can give me! 

Re: Prepping question?

  • I know that for all of the synthetic material (which is everything except the fitted diapers) I would just hot wash and machine dry twice. Some will say once, but I like to do it twice. 

    The fitteds, you probably will have to wash and dry several (5?) times if they are a natural fiber(wash one hot with a load of towels so you don't waste too much water). 

    And I have a top loader and I use Nellie's, so I'm not sure about the detergent. 


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  • What she said, plus: Yes, you put RNG powder in the tray.


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