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Stomach Bug Anyone??

So my 14 month old has had this stomach bug thing going on 7 days now. He is acting perfectly fine and no fever, but diarrhea and occasional vomiting. He refuses to eat pretty much anything but yogurt. Has anyone elses little one caught this stomach thing? and if so, and good tips for eating/drinking, and how long did it last for you??

Re: Stomach Bug Anyone??

  • We just had one that lasted 6 days.It was horrible!Yellow liquid diarrhea.

    My LO would only drink formula (hypoallergenic, no cow milk in it) and Pedialyte (well, the CVS version with apple flavor).Also, she'd sometimes eat a few bites of baked plain potatoes and plain pasta (made with rice flour).I've ben giving her Culturelle,too. 

    Nothing really helped, it just had to run it's course. 

  • No stomach bug here (that I know of - only one day of diarrhea for some reason), but DS started refusing pretty much anything except yogurt, cheese, and crackers for awhile. I've slowly added other stuff back in as he's allowed - mostly fruit, cereal (cheerios), pasta... Just keep offering things, and he'll eat when he's ready. I did get some pedialite to use on days when he was just refusing anything.

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  • We just had it run through our house.  I had it for a day but it took a couple of days before I wanted to even look at food.  The kids got it the night before last and were running around our house playing by the afternoon of that day.  Both of their eating habits have been affected and still remain so.  DS will snack a little here and there but his eating has cut down to below 1/2 of what he was eating.  DD has gone on a eating strike - all she ate yesterday was a Pedialyte popsicle and today I got her to take a couple of nibbles of noodles.  Luckily, they will both drink well.  I am not worried about eating yet since I know how I felt.  I did grab some of their favorites from the store though in hopes that they will eat them when they feel ready.  I am keeping them hydrated though.  I have been giving them Pedialyte popsicles when they will take them and I have been sneaking Pedialyte into their normal drinks (they will not drink it otherwise).   

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  • DD just over a stomach bug that lasted about a week. Felt yucky and whiny while she had the fever, then fever went away and vomiting began. Like your LO, it was only occasionally and she seemed to feel fine otherwise. Doc tested her for strep and flu neg for both. It did just have to run its course. Some of the times she vomited were my fault, giving her things her sensitive tummy couldn't hot dogs that she begged for. I stuck to bland foods after that for a few more days, just to be safe. Pedialyte, water, popsicles, broth, broth w/noodles, toast, and bananas.

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