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Who else is still working?

I am finishing out the week and will be 38 weeks tomorrow. I feel fortunate I can go out now, I don't think I could go any longer! I teach 3rd grade, in a twostory school with a 4 yo and 2.5 yo at home. I'm exhausted! Not to mention being sick since January. I look forward to getting some rest next week and finishing up some last minute todos before my c/s on 2/25.

Re: Who else is still working?

  • Tuesday was going to be my last day and my due date is tomorrow but I work in a major grocery store and valentines day is really busy for us so I offered to work today for 4 hours and tomorrow for 4 hours. Had a doctors appointment yesterday and I am not dilated at all so doctor said if she doesn't show her face on Thursday I will be scheduled for induction next Thursday night. I might pick up a shift or two next week just so I am not sitting at home waiting. I had been working full time up until this past week. Was really looking forward to not working but if I start leave now and she doesn't come that's just less time I get to be with her before I have to go back to work.
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  • I am, but I pretty lucky because I work from home full-time.  Except for the fact that my husband has been the one nesting so it seems like every day is interrupted by someone coming n to do some kind of work to the house. 

  • I am, this is my last week and I admit I have been totally slacking. I work from home, so spend too much time taking breaks. Hopefully will get these projects done by Friday!
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  • Yesterday was my last day! 40 weeks today! I teach first grade. I'm being induced tomorrow, but having contractions this morning!!
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  • I am working, but I am working from home for the next few days because a nasty stomach bug is going around our office and my supervisors don't want me to catch it. Hoping LO makes an appearance sometime soon though.
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  • Yup. In fact, I should probably be working right now....

    I plan to work up to my EDD (2/25), but I'm really hoping I won't make it that long. DS was born at 39w4d, and I've been having some random (painful-ish) contractions for the past 24 hours. We'll see. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I'm really tired of working, and can't wait to meet this LO! 

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  • Me!! Working from home until I go into labor :-)
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  • I worked up until last Thursday! I was so done by that time since I work on my feet ALL day. I'm glad I made it that long!!




  • I'm still working and have to up until I go to the hospital. My business causal attire consists of leggings and yoga pants most days now. I still have two weeks to go, but would love for my LO to show up a little early as I am so sick of working and just want to be done. Plus it doesn't help that I am not returning to my job after leave so I have no motivation at all.
  • I am still working, and I still go into the office everyday from 8:00-5:00 and I will until I either die or go into labor...I am so uncomfortable and miserable!!! And it doesn't help that my office attire has to be business professional and I am up and down on my feet all day.

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  • My last day waitressing will be Friday of this week, I'll be 39w1d. I'm starting a new job this week though so I'll be going in to a new restaurant consulting for a couple of hours a day a couple of days next week- but that's basically sitting on a bar stool training a bartender on how to be a manager- easy stuff. I wanted to wait tables until my due date, but the shifts I work can get really busy and my knees aren't holding up as well as I had hoped they would with 30+ extra pounds on them.
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  • I'm still working, but I telecommute from home.  Due date is tomorrow! I'm not sure LO will be on time, though, as I've barely felt any contractions.   I'm hoping this is the calm before the storm because I have no motivation to keep working!
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  • I am, today is my last day though because I am being induced tomorrow.
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  • Next Friday the 22nd is my last day and we are really busy at work so I feel bad changing my schedule (unless the baby comes early).  I feel so uncomfortable but am just going to try to push through it and work at home if need be, which is what I did yesterday.  I am working till almost 39 weeks and then have a scheduled c-section on 2/27 so I get a long weekend if everything goes as planned.
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  • I am.  I'm a sole practitioner - criminal defense lawyer - so if I'm not around, nothing gets done.  I have completed my court schedule, but there is alwayssomething to do.  So here i sit... waiting... come on little man, any time would be fine with me.  :) 
  • Me. Today is my last day and my due date is saturday. It will be nice to have two days at home (which I am expecting, I didn't go into labor with #1 until my due date) so I can relax and get things more ready. Good luck everyone!!!


  • I am still working, my last day is friday. Set to be induced next thursday due to GD.
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  • I'm working from home until this kid pops out. 
  • I'm still working and will till I have my LO. I'm an elementary PE teacher and have been able to take extra breaks but I am still up and active with the kids too. Last 3 weeks we did jump rope for heart and I jumped rope all day, I was pretty sore at the end of the day. This week we are doing scoters and next week parachute so those activities are less strenuous. Hopefully this extra work will help get baby out




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    I am still working, and I still go into the office everyday from 8:00-5:00 and I will until I either die or go into labor...

    Ha!  I have the same feeling!!  I'm a speech therapist in a school and my sub has already taken over so I'm on "desk duty" until next Tuesday, when I'll be 39w6d.  But that means I have nothing to do all day but sit at my desk and shop online... dangerous!

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    I am still working, and I still go into the office everyday from 8:00-5:00 and I will until I either die or go into labor...I am so uncomfortable and miserable!!! And it doesn't help that my office attire has to be business professional and I am up and down on my feet all day.

    Same here.  Still working 7:00-4:00 and will be until labor.  If I go past my due date (2/26) I might start thinking about staying home.  I'm getting more and more uncomfortable the last several days.  I sit at a computer all day, and my tail bone hates me for it.  Plus, the business professional attire is really getting old.  My pants still fit, but aren't as comfy and too tight. So, now I'm rotating the same 4-5 dresses w/leggings each week.  I'd love to quit working now, but I'd rather spend that time at home with my LO during my leave.

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  • I guess you might say that I'm still working, but I work from home as a freelance editor as well as an Online Teaching Assistant for a University.  My TA position has been over for two weeks and I just finished the Master's class I was in this past Monday, but I am still working for my editor.  She knows that I'm about ready to explode, so she's only giving me work that has no immediate deadline.

    That said, I've edited two full-length books this week already! But it's nice to be able to do it from my couch or on my excercise ball.

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  • I just had my last day at my bartending job yesterday but I still have work to do from home as a writer. I'm on a very distant deadline compared to my usual deadline so that has allowed me to justify procrastination. I am tired all the time the last three weeks but I just found out that my iron is low so I'm hoping that my energy comes back when my iron gets back up! My super-tiredness coincided with when I think my iron started to drop so I have my fingers crossed!
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  • I'm still working, but as of right now, today is my last day. I'm going to be induced tomorrow. If for some reason it doesn't take, I'll be working at home on Friday waiting for our little one to arrive!
  • Tomorrow is my due date and I have patients scheduled.  But, I'm done Monday for sure.. baby or no baby.
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  • I'm working till I go into labor. The hardest part, besides working 8 to 5, is that I'm a floater and a lot of people have been sick.  I hate having to go into their contaminated work areas, and my worse fear came true where I got a nasty cold that lasted well over a week. I should have stayed home a day or two, but I still went in because I was mad that they were the reason I got sick in the first place and so that I could save as much leave time as possible for once baby is actually here.

    I was hopeful though the other day when I had the need to take my desk plant home with me. I thought it may have been a subconscious sign that I was going to have LO, but alas, two days later still trudging along. I am totally caught up too, so it's strange to pack up my desk every night knowing I might not be back the next day. Though it's also nice to know that everything is caught up if I do go into labor that night, though at this point it feels like that will never happen! 

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