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Pregnancy makes me cry easily.

DH was going to bring me some dinner between two meetings, I was craving stir-fry, sadly his first meeting ran long and he wasn't able to bring me anything. I almost started to cry.

Anyone else have moments like these?

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Re: Pregnancy makes me cry easily.

  • All the time! It's embaressing because I don't like to cry in front of people but if  my husband even looks at me wrong I will tear up..and not really know what for!!

    I don't even know why I try to watch sappy movies because I cry the whole time..

    Can't wait to be normal again!!

  • Ummmm, all the time. I feel bad for DH, because I am a crying machine lately.
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  • With my first pregnancy my husband made me fried eggs and when I broke into the yolk it was hard. I like them runny. I started crying. DH looked at me and said "Ooookay...I'll make you some more eggs. "
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  • Yep, I feel like a toddler sometimes.  Feel like having a tantrum over stupid things.

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  • Yes. Lack of food makes me cry. Dh went out to get a few things and he was going to stop at Starbucks and get me a caramel frap but he forgot. I instantly teared up. He went back out and got me one. That's just today! I like a crazy person.
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  • Yes, I didn't cry all pregnancy until the 3rd trimester. Now you can just call my weepy. It's embarrassing!
  • Ugh, yes, all the time! In the last few days I cried watching the Biggest Loser, when we ran out of dog food (because I'm clearly the worst dog owner on the planet), and when DH forgot to take the trash out on trash day. I suspect if I was craving stir fry and thought I was going to get it and didn't, I would be in bed sobbing.

    Please tell me this all goes away once we give birth??

  • I had a full-on breakdown just outside of the Sistene Chapel at the Vatican Museum (we went to Rome for our babymoon).  I needed a bathroom, and apparently they were only located near the entrance, which was about 3 miles away (seriously, that museum is laid out like a deathtrap, just one long loop, no shortcuts or exits along the way). When the guards wouldn't help us to a bathroom I sat down in the middle of a staircase and started bawling my eyes out.  Not being able to get to a bathroom when I need one makes me cry.
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  • No but it does make me highly irritable which can be embarrassing as well. Now anytime something happens, whether it's an irritating email, text or phone call from someone, before I respond to said email, text or voice mail... I have to call up my level-headed sister and start the conversation with "hey...would you be irritated if..."

    I swear it makes me feel like I'm slightly mental. 

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