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Bed rest and High bp update...spending the night in l&d

I posted earlier today about high bp and wondering if my doctor was going to put me on bed rest. Well at my apt it was still high so they decided to send me to l&d to be monitored. After and hour of monitoring they decided to keep me for 24 hrs and also do the 24 hr urine test. They also started me on some bp meds to try to get it down, so we shall see!

She did say baby seems to be fine and they don't anticipate me delivering but They won't let me go past 29 weeks...crazy to think this lo will def be here in 3 weeks!! 

Look out baby #3 is on his/her way!
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Re: Bed rest and High bp update...spending the night in l&d

  • Glad the baby is going well, and I hope your tests come back with good results!  Stay calm, and I hope the hospital food is doable...
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  • Such a scary thing! I'm sorry you're going through all of this. Having pree myself, I know what it's like! Seems like suddenly there are a bunch of us with this disease on bedrest or being monitored carefully...we should have a checkin of some sort. Not sure if we'd technically fall in the high risk pregnancy group. Hang in there! It is scary for sure!
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  • Pre E is definitely considered high risk! 

    OP, hang in there! After reading your post last night I had a feeling that they would send you. All of my pre e symptoms are creeping up. At our appt yesterday they talked about having to "evict" baby if needed. It is definitely scary but it is what is best for baby and mom! 

  • I also have mild pre e and am on bedrest. Just wanted to wish you good luck on your tests. Take it easy!

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