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Hello ladies..I had an appt today and I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. All good progress. However, I have had headaches for a week, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate while resting, very swollen face and hands. Today I found out that I gained 4 pounds in one week and my B/P was high. All signs point to Preeclampsia! Very scary! Dr wants me to come back in on Thursday and if symptoms are still there she is going to induce labor right away. Thank God we will be a little over 37 weeks by then so baby should be fine but that's still scary!

I'm writing this so all the ladies that have these symptoms get checked out. I have not had a good pregnancy and headaches, shortness of breath and swollen body parts are not anything new for me but now with the other symptoms, we are looking at something bigger. Good luck to you all! We are getting close to meeting the little peanuts!!

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  • Good luck, I hope all goes well even if that means induction. 

    I'm actually headed that way myself. I had eclampsia with my first so this time I'm being monitored closely. At yesterdays appt they found protein in my urine, my BPs have been slowly going up, and the swelling in my ankles and feet is getting worse.Fortunately, no headaches or face/hand swelling. My last day of work is Friday and my drs have said that I can work until then BUT if anything changes before I'm done. And they will "evict" the baby if needed.

    My previous experience was absolutely horrible and terrified me. I do not want to go thru it again. So if taking baby 2 weeks or 1 week early means avoiding seizures and magnesium I'm ok with that. 

  • Im going through the same thing. I get induced tomorrow afternoon. Its been a long 3 weeks trying to keep my bp down while being on bed rest and in and out of the hospital. With almost daily blood tests and pee tests they were able to help me make it from 33 weeks to deliving on 37 weeks. Trust and listen to your self and docs!
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  • i had preE with my last pregnancy and wasn't aware of the signs, had horrible headaches, light sensitivity, some swelling. i thought i had a sinus infection because i get them often. went in for my regular appt and it was very high and i was induced the next morning. i was 37wks and everything turned out great. labor was only 7 hrs,  baby was over 6lbs and healthy, and after a rough day of magnesium i started feeling better. good luck :)
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