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The battle with HBP

so at my last appointment my doc took me off of high risk bc he said my bp was looking good... well this appointment it was back up again so he hooked me up to a heartbeat monitor thing and I was suppose to push a button every time I felt LO move.  While I was hooked up though I had two contractions and felt LO moving a lot and dr said all looked well.  I am back to my once a week appointments and now I have to do this monitor thing at every appointment.  He said he will keep an eye on my BP but if it goes up any higher then he said we are going to talk about early delivery.  He said I should be fine though and he doesn't see me having to deliver before 37 weeks.  Has anyone else had this monitoring done? Where they put that thing on your belly that makes a loud noise and wakes LO up? My baby almost jumped through my uterus! I've never felt him move that way before.. I felt so bad for him!  It's crazy to think thought that if I do deliver at 37 weeks thats only 2.5 weeks away much for thinking I had 6 weeks left! 
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Re: The battle with HBP

  • The test is called an NST, I have them twice a week, it's a nuisance at this point but I'm high risk so I know it's for the best. They've use that thing that buzzes on my LO before and he jumps just like yours, I feel so bad for him! Maybe try to eat a small sugary snack in the waiting room before your appointments and that'll wake your LO up and they shouldn't use that thing if he's moving around and his heart is accelerating. They only use it when my baby boy is sleeping.
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  • I'm also high risk due to a history of pre e and have the fetal monitoring done once weekly. They have explained to me that they are looking for 2 spike in the babies heart rate with in 20 minutes. So at some point the baby needs to be moving. Our problem has been that our LO doesn't stop moving so it takes longer to get a baseline reading.

  • Sorry to hear this, i know it must be frustrating, but yes, its a NST.  I agree with pp try OJ or sugary drink to get baby moving rather than the loud noise :)
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