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I hate parent teacher conferences!!!

Normally they are no big deal, but I am miserable today.  I feel pretty naseaus and I have had this sharp pain in my crotch all day that is making me waddle even more than usual.  12 hour days and the only conference the PE teacher is apart of is the ones who are behavior problems.  I would much rather talk to parents about why their child is awesome not how they are fighting, cursing and cheating all the time. 


Sorry, I'm venting two nights in a row, but I don't like to be negative nacy at work.




Re: I hate parent teacher conferences!!!

  • Glad I get to miss the next round of conferences!  :)  I also dislike those long days.  I told them today I wasn't coming back (off tomorrow now, induced on Thursday.)  I'm miserable and just couldn't take another day of first graders.  My sub has been following me around for a few days, so I'm sure they'll all be fine in my absence.  I wish her great luck with conferences! Stick out tongue

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  • I did all of mine a couple weeks before they were scheduled, when I was 38 weeks. Because conferences weren't until this week, I was able to space them out a little better, so I left school by 6 every evening I had conferences.  It wasn't great at the time, but at least I got through them!  You are (did?) too, so that is good!
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