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18 month old shots & Egg Allergy

My pediatrician did not want to give my LO her shots since two of the shots are created in eggs.  At the time we had not seen an after seeing an allergist the conclusion was she can "tolerate" eggs that have been cooked greater than 20 minutes but could not tolerate any type of pan fried or short term cooking of eggs.  


My question is would you be concerned about her receiving these shots?  

Re: 18 month old shots & Egg Allergy

  • My pedi was worried about that with the MMR vaccine. We just gave it to her a couple months ago (at almost 2.5 yrs old) because my pedi was so nervous. My allergist called the pedi and reassured her over and over that studies are showing that egg allergic kids are not affected by the MMR or the flu shots because there is such a minimal amount of egg in them. We stayed for about an hour after the MMR shot so my pedi could watch for any reactions and DD did just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about and maybe your allergist can reassure your pedi (and you!) if he/she is concerned about it too. 
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  • Oh and I also read an article about it in my Allergic Living magazine also about studies confirming allergic kids aren't reacting to the vaccines :)
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  • Yes, I'd be concerned...we got our flu shots at the allergist office. Our pedi held off the MMR for now.She said, we still have time and she'll discuss it with the allergist.I think I'll just have the allergist administer it when we go again in a few month.

    Is that an option for you? To see your allergist and have them do it?Maybe kids don't react to vaccines, but I won't take my chances.That's just me, though. 

  • My daughter has a pretty severe allergy to egg whites. Her pedi wouldn't give her the flu shot, but her allergist is going to give it to her at her next appt. Not sure about the 18 month vaccinations. She has that appt next month too. 
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  • My pedi was the same way about the MMR which is why we waited a year to finally give it. She suggested doing it at the allergist but in CA we'd have to "buy it" from the pedi to have the allergist give it which means ins wouldn't cover it. It was really stupid. My pedi also offered the idea of diluting it and give it in 3rds instead of the entire injection at once to see if child reacted to the 1st of the broken up diluted vaccine. I guess that's another way they can do it if you're really concerned. 

    We skipped out on the flu shot so I only have experience with the MMR. After my allergist reassured her, my pedi had me bring in our epi pens, they keep steroid injections on hand at the office and the fire dept is right down the street. So she felt comfortable having all that! Definitely go with what your pedi, allergist and YOU are comfortable with. I don't think they NEED the vaccines until school starts or if they're in a large daycare or something.  

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  • DD got the MMR shot at 15 months.  I was really concerned about the egg in the vaccine and called the pediatrician's office, who asked me to call the allergist's office.  The allergist said that the amount of egg in the MMR vaccine was very, very small and that DD shouldn't react. 

    However, they told me the flu vaccine was a different story and my pedi backed that up.  She said we could get it in her office and remain there under observation for a few hours or we could go to the allergist's office and get it through the course of several doses over several weeks.  The pedi is a huge proponent of the flu vaccine and she said if I really wanted it for DD, then I should go the allergist route.

    FWIW, and I know my kid is different than yours, she did not react to the eggs in the MMR vaccine.  She did run a small fever a few days after the shot, but that's par for the course with that vaccine.

  • DD got the flu shot at the allergist (10%, one hour of observation, 90%, another hour of observation) and did actually have a mild reaction (2 hives on her face).  I'd read that 20% of egg allergic kids react to the flu shot.

    The pedi didn't bat an eyelash at giving MMR routinely at her 12 month visit, even after that history.

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  • We never have done the flu shots because of egg allergy (and other beliefs with it)--but regarding the MMR, I did discuss with a fantastic allergist who also is a professor for medical school and she reassured me that it would be ok.  I held off on the MMR until about 2.5 yrs old and he did great. 


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