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Membrane Stripping

Had my 38 week appointment today (yes, just one day shy of being 39 weeks) and I was dilated to a 3! I know this doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I had no dilation at my last appointment almost 3 weeks ago so I'm happy. The doctor also stripped my membranes today. Holy crap! I had no idea how much that would hurt!!! If that hurt that bad I'm a little more nervous about labor. After that, I think I'm a weenie.
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Re: Membrane Stripping

  • I had that done at 40w with #1 and I went into labor that night. Baby was ready though. At my 39w appt last week I asked my doc about it and she said "if it's going to work, it will work within 72 hours". I told her we'd just do it on my 40w appt again this time around. I wish you good luck.


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