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Letting LO sleep on belly - When?

My LO is almost 8 months. She was never much of a roller. She did it a couple times but then stop. the best two weeks she been picking up where she left off. Shes trying to crawl, pull up, walk all at same time. Shes still not the hugest fan of belly she prefers standing. However, when she is in her crib now she keeps rolling to her belly (she used to roll to side- the girl never stays in one spot at night)  

I'm a FTM to a newborn and whenever she flips on belly I would flip her back worrying she would not be able to get back, sometimes she things its crawl time while sleeping, or bascially just worry.  Last night, my husband would do the same thing. Around 3am I woke up and she was on her belly and sleeping fine. It took all my might not to go in there and flip her.

I know its probably fine to let her now, shes just had a small cold and i barely been sleeping so i'm just nervous. Just need some mother support on this.. and some sleep lol

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Re: Letting LO sleep on belly - When?

  • Everything that I've read says that once they are able to roll, it is fine to let them sleep however they choose.  Some babies will roll to their side and some onto their bellies.  If you keep moving her onto your back, you'll be fighting a loosing battle.

    You can place her on her back every night but then let her find her own sleep position.


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  • Exactly what the PP said.  Our pediatrician said at 6 months it's ok if they sleep on their stomach and really once they can roll over on their own.  I just put her on her back when I lay her down at night and she will usually immediately roll to her side and eventually end up on her stomach at some point during the night.  It is what it is.

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  • Thanks everyone. As much as deep down I knew it was okay I just needed to hear it!
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  • DD has been sleeping on her stomach for months now.  We put her down on her back and she immediately rolls over to her stomach.  (The trick is to put her down close to the side of the crib so when she rolls over, she's generally near the middle of the crib.)  My thinking is if she's comfortable that way, why bother her.  We've never had any problems, and **knock on wood** she's a great sleeper.  
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  • From 4 months on I haven't been able to keep him off his belly.  I cant really blame him, I'm a stomach sleeper too!

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  • once DD starting rolling over, both ways. she would get stuck in her bassinet (this was about 3 months old) we decided to switch her over to her crib, and since has been a BIG belly sleeper.


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  • my son just started belly sleeping too and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I asked my pedi and she said to still lay down on the back and then if he rolls, he rolls. I think she even joked a long the lines of "what are you going to do, go in and flip him everytime or strap him down?"  She was funny about it, it made me feel better. 

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