teething already?

This might seem crazy to be thinking about so early. My LO is 22 weeks actual (10 weeks adjusted). The past few days she has been drooling and making small bubbles and has this new cry (more of a scream) that for me sounds different (more intense) than her hungry cry. Last night I got out the teething ring and had her gum it for a little bit and it seemed to calm her down. I also noticed that after feeding her she was still gumming the nipple of the bottle but wasn't taking any more formula in. Is it possible that she is starting to teeth this early? Has anyone had a similar experience with their LO's? Any ideas?
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Re: teething already?

  • My DS got his first two teeth when he was 5.5 months actual, 3.5 months adjusted... it is definitely possible. He is now 8 months and has 4 teeth and two more about to break through!



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  • Yep, it's possible!  Some babies start teething really early.  It can't hurt to keep offering teething rings for her to chomp on, especially if it's helping to soothe her gums.
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  • Totally possible. A mom on my BMB took her fussy baby into the pedi ... and he was apparently teething at like 4 weeks (but she's not able to give him any baby meds at that age -- since it could mask a fever otherwise -- which would make that even tougher!)
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  • We have been having VERY similar experiences. It comes and goes but the same thing. Scream rather than cry, drool, lots of poops and He will calm down if we rub his gums. He was 26 weeks and is 5 1/2 months 3 1/2 adjusted. My pediatrician calculated the amount of Tylenol we can give him since they don't make infant anymore.
  • Most babies start teething anywhere from 3 to 10 months - but it can be a long process and it's possible to start having discomfort before the teeth pop out.  Cold teethers, or freezing a washcloth can help.  It could also just be gas - you could try gripe water or mylecon.
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