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Ring sling?

Hi all, 

I have learned a lot by lurking on this board, so thanks for that first of all! DD is now 6 wks old and does not like to be put down. I am happy to snuggle her all day...but my arms are tired, and DH might appreciate me making dinner occasionally. I got a woven wrap (didy Indio) and thought I would wear her around the house in that, but I find myself not really using it except on walks. I leave her in it when we get back from a walk, but it seems to get pulled out of shape once I sit down, with dd slumping and head lolling to one side. Since it takes me awhile to get it all tied and adjusted right in the first place, and with the frequent nursing and changing at this stage, I don't end up putting her back in once I take her out after the walk. I also have a Babyhawk which we really like for shopping trips and also for walks. I haven't really tried this around the house, I guess because in my mind that's what the cuddlier wrap was supposed to be for. But maybe I should try that?

But ideally I would love something that I can easily pop her in and out of while I get things done around the house, and maybe nurse in too. Do you think a ring sling would fit the bill? I was looking at a linen one from SBP. But I just read that RS's can be tricky to adjust, and that you sort of have to adjust before putting baby in, so maybe that isn't the solution I think it is? I don't really want to buy another carrier unless it will suit this purpose and do something that my other ones can't (or at least, aren't doing in actual practice). So wdyt, should I just practice more with the wrap? Learn other carries that might work better? (so far I've just been doing FWCC) Try the mei tai around the house? Or do I need a RS? TIA for any insight!

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Re: Ring sling?

  • I started my babywearing journey with a rs and it would almost certainly fit the bill. The hardest thing above a rs is learning to thread one. SBP linen would be a great start. As far as the woven I love indios btw try a front cross carry. It's pretty poppable, and to nurse you just loosen the wrap to lower the baby. Oh, and to stop the floppy head when LO falls asleep tuck LOs head into one of your passes.
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  • Hmm...If baby is slumping in your woven when you sit or switch positions, it's not tight enough - and tight is really important for safety (to prevent slumping) with a newborn!  Have you washed it?  Does it feel soft and floppy?

    I agree that front cross carry is more poppable if you need that.  And I would try the babyhawk - I don't think there is a rule about which carrier should be used when - use what works ;)

    Ring slings are great and I love them for quick trips.  But since you have two great carriers, I would maybe give them another chance in different carries/contexts and then go from there.  I also don't like ring slings as much if I'm doing stuff since it's a single shoulder carry. 

  • image ncbelle:
     I also don't like ring slings as much if I'm doing stuff since it's a single shoulder carry. 

    I second this. I got a ring sling because I wanted something "poppable" and not too bulky for going out of the house, but it definitely does not feel as secure as my Ergo or a full wrap. It also makes my shoulder sore after about 10 minutes of wearing. I love the Ergo for babywearing while getting things done. I never get a sore back or shoulders from it, and it's super easy to put on and take off. Only problem is that nursing in it doesn't really work. 

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  • I got the ring sling for nursing.  I have tried it about 5 times, and don't really have it mastered.  It makes sense now when people are saying it feels less secure, especially with my newborn.  Maybe I should concentrate less on doing things around the house in it, and more on nursing in it, doing errands in it etc. 
  • Hi. I also lurk on this board and I find all of you ladies very helpful. I'm a mew mom and I've been gravitating towards AP because it just feels right.

    I have a RS from SBP that I ordered about a month ago and I've been loving it. My Dd is almost 4 months and I find the hip carry to be very helpful for quick pop ins while doing stuff around the house.

    I also have a Moby and an Ergo. I was never very good at the Moby wrap and once DD was about 10 weeks she wanted to kick her legs straight and I never mastered any legs out positions so I don't use it much any more. I love the ergo for walks and shopping but because it is so bulky I can't cook or do dishes because she is in the way. I find I can do lots more around the house with the RS because she likes the hip carry that allows me to get closer to the counter and stove to cook.

    It is probably very individual but I felt guilty over buying the SBP RS when I ordered it but now I'm very happy that I got it. I also like that I can put the RS on without putting DD down so if I'm holding her on my hip while doing something around the house I can just throw the sling over my shoulder and slide her in.

    It does have to be somewhat adjusted to the right length when you put it on otherwise the rings end up in running into baby but once you have it basically set you can take it on and off without major adjustments and you just tighten and loosen it a little. I ordered a rainbow print one so I can easily see which section and rails need toghtened.
  • I think you should use your Babyhawk. It fits what you want exactly and will feel more secure than a ring sling for housework.

    I love my ring sling, but I got it mostly for hip carries with an older baby. For a sleeping newborn, I'd much prefer the Babyhawk. 

  • So much good advice! It sounds like the RS may be useful for hip carries as LO gets older, and the ability to nurse in it and put it on while holding LO is appealing. But for now I think I can work with what I have. I tried FCC this morning, and I think the popability of that is just what we need. Between that and the Babyhawk, I think I should be set for now. I'm not sad to have one less item of baby gear to buy right now. Thanks everyone!!
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