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Tilted uterus & Cramping

I've been feeling extra crampy the last couple days so I figured it was the round ligament pain. I decided to scan myself at work today to make sure everything looked ok and it was like my uterus had disappeared! I had my coworker scan me and she said my uterus had tilted back. It is usually not tilted. So I'm guessing this is where the cramping is coming from since it is pulling on the ligaments being tilted this way. My coworker said hers did this in here second pregnancy too then went back a couple weeks later. I read that this happens a lot after previous pregnancies and that it should go back to normal position by 10 to 12 weeks. Just thought I would share this in case others may possibly be experiencing the same thing. 
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Re: Tilted uterus & Cramping

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