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Tilted uterus & Cramping

I've been feeling extra crampy the last couple days so I figured it was the round ligament pain. I decided to scan myself at work today to make sure everything looked ok and it was like my uterus had disappeared! I had my coworker scan me and she said my uterus had tilted back. It is usually not tilted. So I'm guessing this is where the cramping is coming from since it is pulling on the ligaments being tilted this way. My coworker said hers did this in here second pregnancy too then went back a couple weeks later. I read that this happens a lot after previous pregnancies and that it should go back to normal position by 10 to 12 weeks. Just thought I would share this in case others may possibly be experiencing the same thing. 
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Re: Tilted uterus & Cramping

  • Wait, can you explain a little bit more?  I have been slightly crampy and have had terrible lower back pain lately.  Never heard of a tilted uterus.  Please explain!  Thanks!
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  • For most people, normal position of the uterus is tilted forward towards the bladder (anteverted). Mine was this way until Friday, then over the weekend I was cramping a lot and today it was retroverted (tilted towards the back). I'm thinking this is why I've been feeling so yucky from the pulling of my uterus on the ligaments. I've also felt pressure towards my back and felt like it was pushing on my bowel. Here's a link that shows pics. 


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  • Thanks so much for sharing the link.  So interesting!
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  • I have a naturally tilted uterus (called retroverted I believe) and had some cramping that really just let up this week....I wonder if it is now facing anterior?
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  • Maybe so.? My pain has finally let up today. I guess my body has adjusted to it being tilted that way. It's just so weird! What I read though said it should no longer be retroverted after the first trimester. 
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  • mine has always been tilted but it definitely moved forward with DD.  I don't know if it went back to being tipped afterward though.  I heard that it can also make it harder to see a fetal pole in early pregnancy, is that true?

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  • Yes it's much harder to see. That's why it freaked me out today bc I was like where is my uterus! I had to look deeper so you couldn't see as well with the way it's positioned now. 
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  • Thanks for sharing :) I'm glad you know what is causing your cramping. 
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  • I'm going to check out the limk now...I have definitely noticed more cramping, but friends have told me I would feel some cramping, pressure and pulling where the uterus is expanding. My back has hurt from the very beginning.
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  • My gyno told me a while back that I have a tilted uterus normally. So maybe that's why I've been cramping and have pressure in my back. Calling to make first appointment this morning.
  • I have a naturally retroverted ute. Toward the ends of the 1st tri they will naturally flip on their own. If you naturally have one, after birth it should flip back. It does explain your cramping and back pain

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  • Well, as of today my uterus is back in it's normal position! How odd is that? Glad it's back to normal though bc that was pretty weird! 
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