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Poop question for moms who FF/supplement

DD is almost 6 weeks old and we have been supplementing with formula since 2 weeks after her doctor was concerned about her weight gain. Currently I BF at night, pump and bottle feed during the day and she gets 2 or 3 bottles of formula a day when I do t have enough pumped for her.

I am a little concerned about the consistency of her poop. It varies from the typical breastfed yellow seedy poop to a more homogenous, light green color. The last week it has been pretty consistently green. I'm not sure if this is because of the formula she is getting or if there is some other issue. I don't see any mucus or blood in it to indicate a dairy allergy, but she does have really bad gas with pain and fussing at times. So for other moms who supplement or formula feed, what does your babies poop look like? TIA!
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Re: Poop question for moms who FF/supplement

  • I have been doing about 75 bf, 25 formula for a week now. Starting a transition to formula. My LO has had a slightly greener tint to his poop and his poop in the morning for some reason is the most green.
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  • Is it like pale yellowgreen? DD gets this. I believe it has to do with her getting more foremilk over hind. She tends to have them more at night time.

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  • It's pretty green...like split pea soup color. She only poops once a day now so I haven't noticed a pattern with timing.
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  • DD2 has pretty green poop. She is FF. Pedi is not concerned, but someone told me it might be the iron in the formula.
  • We are doing a mixture of breastmilk and formula.  My son has the very typical breastmilk poop (yellow seedy texture) and also poop that is more flat-like and sticky but the same color.

    I heard that if the poop is more green, they are getting more fore milk versus the hind milk.  

    My son is still pooping multiple times a day though.  I still track all of his diapers (wet, wet/poopy, poopy) and today alone has had 5 wet/poopy or poopy only diapers.  I can tell exactly w

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  • My baby gets about half and half, possibly more formula, depending on how much I can pump. Her poop is always the yellow, seedy, breastfed baby kind.


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  • Ugh!  My computer pushed my message through before I was finished. 

    Anyway, I can tell exactly what my son last ate by what his poop looks like.  Interesting!

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  • I wonder if a fore milk issue could come up with pumped milk? I pump 2025 minutes a session. I would definitely believe it with breastfeeding, she falls asleep very quickly and never completely drains a breast. Eats like a champ from a bottle though!
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  • My LO's poop is dark green, and according to the Similac website it is because of the iron in the formula. My pedi said as long as poop was in the yellow/brown/green family, then they were not really concerned.
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  • I supplement after every feeding with formula. LO takes anywhere from 1oz to 3 oz depending on how much BM he was able to get out of me. His poops have been green lately like a split pea soup and I was freaking out. My friend who works in pediatrics told me it was totally normal. We have a dr's appt tomorrow and this is on my list of questions. His diapers do vary between yellowish and seedy to the green and he still has a couple poop diapers per day. Doc said 1 poop diaper every other day would be normal. 

    Glad you asked though cause I was freaking out earlier this week about the same thing!  

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  • When DS gets more formula his poop is more green rather than yellow.
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  • I had that with my first and he turned out to be a slow drinker! I would let him take his time properly emptying my boob, typically that would take 3045mins. If he was still hungry, i would give him the other breast until satusfied. Next feed, id do the same starting on the other one, alternating throughout the day.

    This fixed both his boob and my supply issue. I just spend the majority of my day feeding him for the first 4 months, but it was worth it for me.

    Am doing the same boob alternating drink it dry with nr 2, and am very happy with my supply and his diapers!
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