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what are you packing in the baby's hospital bag?

Right now I have the following:

- a few clothing items in both the newborn and 0-3 size

- hat (it's winter here)

- fleece (even with a blanket it's cold, not supposed to use winter coats in car seats)

- socks

- 2 cloth diapers, as I want to put him in one when we take him home, and the 2nd one is a backup in the event that we're delayed and he soils the first, lol

- receiving blanket (mainly for ride home, but might use this in the hospital

I looked in his baby book to see if there was a page for hand/foor prints, and there is not.  It sounds like most hospitals will give you prints on a little certificate or printer paper if you request them, so I may ask for that.

Am I missing anything important/useful?

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Re: what are you packing in the baby's hospital bag?

  • I brought those little hand mittens because some babies come out with freakish long nails!


  • A baby book. Part of the daddy/son bonding time after the baby is born will be my picking out the take home outfit (we are team green).  With my son we just kept him in the layette from the hospital the whole time we were there since it made diaper changes and check ups from the pedi and nurses so much easier.  The nuns knit hats for every baby so we used that coming home. We have a blanket to put over the carseat for the ride home and a couple receiving blankets to roll next to the baby's head to help keep it stable during the ride home.

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  • Your list looks fine. I think I'm only bringing a going home outfit, carseat (obviously) and a blanket for the ride home. The rest of the time I'll use the hospital stuff. I brought stuff for the hand/foot print with DS but my hospital uses some weird invisible ink so they couldn't give me prints. I just did the prints with the ink that came with the kit when I got home.

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  • I have his going home outfit (consists of LS white onesis, DH's alma mater t-shirt, matching pants, socks and hat) plus backup outfit (as DD peed all over herself and came home in the hospital issued white tshirt).

    Mittens in case he has long nails, the LS onesies I have, the sleeves fold over but I'm not sure if the hospital will still use the short sleeved shirts or not.  

    Receiveing blanket with DH's alma mater embroidery- plus one of my A+A swaddle blankets; I struggled using blankets as swaddles last time around so I'm hoping I can get some guidance and practice in with the nurses.

    Fleece swaddle that he can wear buckled into the carseat if needed, not sure what the weather will be like- it's Texas so it could be 40 or 70... 

    Baby book for prints.

    Word of advice- don't bring your diaper bag, just put LO's stuff in your bag. You will have a TON of stuff to lug from room to room, plus more stuff that you will acquire while you're there. I'm packing a large sports type bag that has large side pockets and front pockets. I am putting stuff for labor on the side for quick and easy access, and then LO's stuff in the front so it's separate and not in the way while we're in post-partum. I'm also folding up a large canvas bag and stuffing it in the bottom to carry above mentioned 'acquired' stuff in- the hospital sends us home with diapers, wipes, formula if desired, and then we always had cards and small gifts from visitors.

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  • I'll likely do the same thing I did for my DDs--2 footed sleepers for going home (one to wear, one as backup).  For them, I did one preemie and one NB sleeper and I may do one NB and one 0-3 month, for this LO depending on when I deliver.  I guess I'll probably bring a blanket for the ride home too.

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  • Our hospital doesn't give pacifiers so I might throw one in just in case.  I also have baby nail clippers.  Our baby book came with a stamp pad that doesn't use ink so I don't know if we will take her baby book.  It just seems like more to carry around.
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  • My hospital doesn't provide baby nail clippers or nail files.  I've heard that some come out needing a trim.  Also, if you plan on giving baby a pacifier right away, some don't provide them anymore. (mine doesn't)

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