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How did you find out?

So now that we are getting closer to Dday I thought it would be fun to reshare our stories, and for members who joined midway through, of how we found out etc!
How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test"

How did you tell SO?

How did you tell your family?

What were your first thoughts?
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Re: How did you find out?

  • Fun!


    How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test":  I started testing over a week before my missed period because I just felt so "off" and because DH was leaving on a guy's weekend on Thursday afternoon.  I tested Weds morning (neg), Thursday morning before I left for work / before he left on his trip (neg), and then Friday morning -- positve! 6 days before my missed period, just like the box says. :-)  I didn't want to tell him over the phone so I hid it from him all weekend -- and from my best friend, who was coming into town to hang iwth me all weekend.  It was like 100000% humidity and a thousand degrees that weekend, and I had literally just gotten the positive test about an hour before our realtor came over to put the house on the market.  I just remember standing in the driveway wiht him, sweating and feeling SO tired, and him saying "do you think you can mow the lawn / do some more weeding before this afternoon?"  Um, no.  :-)

    How did you tell SO?  I wrapped up some Vikings onesies, two books about being a dad, and my positive preg test in a cute box and gave them to him when he got home from guy's weekend.

    How did you tell your family?  We told his Dad and stepmom casually, we hadn't been planning to tell, it just happened -- they stopped by, and we were chatting, and DH gave me "the look" and I gave him "the look" back that meant "yes, let's tell" and he said "so, you want to be a grandpa, right?"  And his dad said "well yeah, someday."  And I said 'How's April?"  Everybody was very excited.  With my family it was a bit more planned out -- we had my parents and brother/SIL + kids over for dinner (before we sold the house!), and I had put a cute picture of shoes lined up in a cards.  I gave both cards to my 4 year old niece, Abby, and told her to give one to her dad ,and one to her Nonny (grandma - my mom).  They opened them and freaked out.  It was great.

    What were your first thoughts?  "I can't believe that he's out of town and the realtor is on his way over and then Stacy (BFF) is coming to town."  Closely followed by "holy shiz, how dark does it have to be to be positive!?" closely followed by about 10 more pregnancy tests of differnet brands and styles. ;-)


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  • I was suspicious/hopeful based solely on swollen and sore boobs. I took a test on the first day of school (I'm a teacher) and woke my husband up and told him in the bathroom! We found out pretty early, so we waited a while to tell family, friends, and work. We told my parents pretty straight forward and showing the first US pics. We told me in-laws by gifting a framed US pic (it was my MIL's birthday). I told my class the same day it became public to my coworkers. They didn't care near as much as I thought they would!

  • Cute!

    How did you find out you were pregnant? We had been trying (I went off the pill around our anniversary on June 4) but not for long. One morning in late July I drove about an hour for a court appearance and was feeling waves of nausea the whole way. Then at the gym that evening, again had the nausea. I told my husband about the nausea and meathead that he is thought it meant I'd had a really good workout. I believe his exact words when I told him I was going to take a test were, "Yeah, OK. I'm going to go water the grass."

    How did you tell SO? Ran into the backyard and shoved the positive test in his face.

    How did you tell your family? Nothing special - called my parents and made them both get on the phone. In-laws - had dinner with them and told them.

    What were your first thoughts? Holy sh-t!


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  • We started trying at the beginning of August, and a few days after my suspected O day that same month, I was dying of thirst and had intensely sore, heavy boobs.  By the time I took a test, we were pretty convinced that I was pregnant.  I POAS early on a Friday morning.  I was shaking I was so excited.  As soon as I got the BFP, I went out to tell DH (who was still sleeping).  He said "I knew it" and went back to sleep!  I texted my sister a pic of the pee stick right away. 

    This will be my parents' first grandchild, so I mailed them a letter (they live far far away) in an unmarked envelope, purporting to be from the "Parental Responsibility Board."  The letter commended them for their work as parents and stated that they would be getting a promotion to the role of "grandparent" in or around April 29, 2013.  My sister was visiting when my dad got the letter, and she was able to film his reaction on her phone.  It was priceless. Big Smile

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    So now that we are getting closer to Dday I thought it would be fun to reshare our stories, and for members who joined midway through, of how we found out etc! So: How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" How did you tell SO? How did you tell your family? What were your first thoughts?

    How did you tell DH?  Ummmm, (then I showed him the test)

    How did you tell your family? My mom arrived for a visit the night before we tested, so we just told her the story of the test.

    What were your first thoughts? While waiting for the test to complete..."it's going to be negative, it's going to be negative, ok so it's positve." 

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  • How did you find out you were pregnant?  -We had been trying for a month or two, nothing serious. I missed my period but I had really bad cramps (apparently this is normal). I was out of town so didn't do much about it until I got home and PoaS. It came back positive.

    How did you tell SO? I showed him the test.

    How did you tell your family? Over the phone.

    What were your first thoughts? That didn't take long!
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  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" I was charting and my temp hadn't dropped yet and some bumpies encouraged me to test, so I did.

    How did you tell SO? I waited for him in the bedroom with a test. He took forever. He could tell by the look on my face that we were pregnant.

    How did you tell your family? I made a big brother shirt for DS. It was one that took a little reading so at first my inlaws didn't clue in. My mom got it right away because she noticed he had a new t-shirt on.

    What were your first thoughts? FINALLY! I was starting testing to see WTF was going on with my wonky cycles when I found out. We were both overjoyed.
  • Got home from our wedding in St. Lucia and had my IUD removed.  About a month later I wasn't feeling well at work and took a test....and then a trillion more after.  I e-mailed DH a pic of the positive tests.  We immediately told family (even though it was NOWHERE near 12 weeks).  Apparently we conceived 4 days after having Mirena taken out.  My first thought was...holy shitz that was fast.


    me 35, DH 38, DS 4/16/13, TTC# 2 since June, 2014

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    How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test"
    It was the day after our wedding and the day before leaving for our honeymoon. My period has always been pretty spot on give or take 2 days. I knew I could potentially be starting my period the day of our wedding so when it didn't come, I figured I just got lucky since it was our wedding day and it would be coming the next day. When it didn't come, I decided to test because I didn't want to drink a whole week during our honeymoon if I were pregnant. Turned out positive! Turns out when I recalculated my days to see when my period should have came, July had an extra week that I somehow missed and I actually should have had my period an entire week before! I still feel so guilty for being ignorant and knowing I drank. We were trying and I was only off the pill for a week so I definitely didn't think it could have happened so fast!

    How did you tell SO?
    DH was sitting on the couch when I decided to test. I went into our bedroom and started pacing and bawling hysterically. DH came into the bedroom and asked what was wrong. I told him to go in the bathroom and look. He saw the test and came back to me looking so confused and said "why are you crying, isn't this what we wanted?" I was crying because I couldn't believe I was really going to be a mommy and the timing couldn't have been more "perfect" and "horrible" at the same time. Perfect because we wanted a spring baby and hoped to become pregnant quickly and horrible because I was a few weeks along already and was nervous that I'd be stuck in Mexico with horrible morning sickness.
    How did you tell your family?
    DH parents came to pick us up from our honeymoon from the airport. We told them we got them a souvenir. When they asked where it was we said it had to be shipped to them and wouldn't be here for another 8 months. They were elated!
    My parents we also told we got them a souvenir and would give it to them at dinner. When they opened their gifts they got a onesie, bib, hat and baby socks. They cried tears of joy.

    What were your first thoughts?

    I was excited, happy, surprised and overall couldn't wait! When we found out that it was twins, I think I peed my pants a little :D
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  • We were out of state for a friend's wedding. I had a feeling I was, but didn't take a test until after we got home, which was right around the time I should have gotten my period. I took the test really early in the morning and then whispered in MH ear that I was pg.
    I told most of my friends and family over the phone, because we live far away. I told my sister and her family by telling my 3 to niece to tell her mommy that there is a baby in my belly. I told my dad and his wife the day before his birthday. I showed him a video of the first u/s with the heart beat. It took them a moment to get it. They thought that it was my brother's kid at first, because he had just told them that SIL was pg a couple weeks before.




  • I got a very nice voice mail from one of the nurses at my fertility clinic letting me know our IVF worked! I still have the message saved on my phone :) I had DH listen to the voice mail because I was so positive our cycle would be a failure I didnt believe it. Then I took a pee test at home because I had never seen a BFP before. We called our parents and my sister right away because they all knew we did IVF. 

    Unexplained IF ~ TTC #1 since August 2010

    March: 50 mg Clomid + IUI: BFN

    April: 50 mg Clomid + B2B IUIs: BFN

    May: 50 mg Clomid + IUI: BFN

    IVF August! Beta#1 232 Beta#2 672
    1st U/S 8/30: 1 perfect little bean!


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  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" We had been camping, and the whole camping trip I was not feeling good. I was nauseous and just not feeling myself. Everyone kept saying it was probably just the heat, but we were on a river and I kept cool by being in the river and also drinking tons of water and eating fresh fruit and whatnot so I knew something was up. I was also supposed to start that Friday and had not yet. I told my husband I was not feeling good and he proceeded to high five me and said, " WE DID IT!". To which I told him, don't get your hopes up buddy.

    How did you tell SO? By the time Monday rolled around, I had talked to my best friend (who was 2 months ahead of me) and she convinced me to take a test. I came home and my husband was on the phone paying a bill and I told him I had to take it now because I HAD to pee so bad. So he was on the phone while I was peeing, and I looked down and it had turned to positive even before I finished going to the bathroom! So I was freaking out a bit. Once my husband was done, I showed him and we just gave each other the biggest hug!

    How did you tell your family? It was so hard to not tell our families right away. My dad called me an hour after I took the test and I just wanted to tell him right then and there but really wanted to do it in person. So we waited 2 weeks. We went to my parents first, and told them. Then we went to his parents who had just got back from Hawaii. They were giving us some gifts from their trip and then my husband told them that we had a gift for them, a grandchild! Our parents were just thrilled, and even mroe so now that the time is coming so fast!

    What were your first thoughts? I was estatic, but incredibly scared! This is our first child so I just did not know what to except. My mom had not so easy pregnancies so I was dreading throwing up every day, and just being miserable for the next 2 months but thankfully I did not have those issuses, at least with this pregnancy. It was such a rush of emotions when we found out, and then we were like ok...what do we do now?! But we are overwhelmed with happiness knowing our little girl is on her way in a few short weeks!! Can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by!! I am just so excited to have her in our arms. :) BRING ON APRIL!

  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test"
    I was cleaning the bathroom and found an old hpt laying around, so I peed on it.. set it on the counter and forgot about it. I had literally just had the mirena removed and knew there was no way it was possible to get pregnant so fast. The test had already expired, so what the heck, why not just pee on it.

    How did you tell SO?
    DH found it sitting on the bathroom counter and yelled to me in the other room "uhhh what is this??" We both just stared at each other shocked and in disbelief that it said pregnant. I ran out right away to buy another test since I thought there was a glitch since it had expired.

    How did you tell your family?
    Dressed DS in a Big Brother tshirt and showed my parents on Skype.

    What were your first thoughts?
    OH Sht! Reallly??

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    #2 - Here we go again! EDD - 4/9/13

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  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test"  We went in the morning for a blood test after 1 round of IVF, then went to the zoo. When the office didn't call by 3pm, I made DH call. We were standing in the middle of the mall when they told him the test was positive. I didn't believe it, so I went home and took a test. DH knew before I did.

    How did you tell your family? We told them right away since they knew we were getting our results that day.

    What were your first thoughts? I'll believe it when I see it. Some days I still feel that way.
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  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" I had my first clue that I may be pregnant when DD2 suddenly self weaned 2 weeks after her first birthday. AF had yet to return, and I decided that if she wasn't back by 13 months PP, I would test (with DD1, AF was back a little after 11 months PP). And so I did. Darkest line I've ever seen, too.

    How did you tell SO? He was upstairs playing on the computer. I went up tossed the stick at him and told him "Ummm... we need to talk".

    How did you tell your family? I told my parents right away. Told them not to get too excited because I experienced some heavy bleeding within a week of finding out and I had no idea what was going to happen. Two ultrasounds and a round of beta's later, I was able to confirm that there was in fact a baby growing in there. We told my brother and SIL by signing SIL's birthday card "Mr Ha, Mrs Ha, DD1, DD2, and Baby". My mom was in on it and we kept giggling like school girls as SIL kept just quickly glancing over the signature without realizing what was in there.

    What were your first thoughts? HOLY CRAP!!!!! Actually, that was my first, second, and third thoughts, too. lol
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  • For starters, I LOVE THIS!  Everyones stories are so cute!

    How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test": My son, who has been anti-brother/sister since birth, started saying, "Mommy, I think you have a baby in your belly" - I had irregular periods from being on the depo shot (it took over a year to get one after stopping the depo), so I wasn't sure - and took a test, and low and behold, he was right!

    How did you tell SO?  We went out for dessert one night by ourselves (the oh so rare alone date night!) and I had the waiter decorate our desert with baby pacifiers - and I handed him a card that, in a quirky way, explained my mood swings and crazy behavior as it was a result of us expecting baby #2!

    How did you tell your family? We invited everyone over for a BBQ under the pretense that our house was finally on the market and we wanted one last big bash and we told everyone after dinner we wanted a picture of everyone together at our old house and instead of shouting "everyone say cheese" my husband said "everyone say alicia's pregnant" - so, we have all the reactions on video :)

    What were your first thoughts?  Excitement and worry - to go from one child who is the center of the world, to suddenly realizing now you'll have 2 is CRAZY. We all couldn't be happier and more excited - especially my son!

  • Fun idea :)

    How did you find out you were pregnant?

    My body just felt "off", I can't really explain it better than that but it felt changed.  Took a test.  Took another, and another, and another...

    How did you tell SO?

    Called him at work after my doctor's appointment confirming the pregnancy, he came home right away!

    How did you tell your family?

    Bought my MIL a Willow Tree statue of a grandma holding a newborn, Skyped with my out-of-province family.

    What were your first thoughts?

    First thoughts? There were about a million of them!  Most can be summed up nicely with "Whoa". 




  • I went off the pill (continuous use instead of 3 weeks of pills plus 1 week placebos), so I wasn't sure how long it would take.  We went on vacation and a couple of weeks later I woke up really early to pee, so I decided to test even though it was early.  There was a line!  I went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep because last time I tested really really early in the morning too and scared the crap out of DH by switching on the light, sticking it in his face and screaming... I couldn't sleep though so I woke DH and told him I thought I was pregnant :)

    My first thought was "how am I going to do this all over again?"  It's scary.  Overwhelming and happy of course too.

    At my 8 week appointment with the nurse, she did a little ultrasound to see if there was a baby in my uterus and on the way home we called my folks.  DH's parents visit every Sunday morning, so that Sunday we had DS bring the ultrasound picture to "Pop Pop" which is what he currently calls him Grandmom :)

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  • I had a miscarriage in April 2012, so once we got the clear to start trying again we did. I didn't start ovulating until July though and that's the month we conceived. My cycle was still really off and I didn't expect AF for another week but I had a dream that I was at the doctor getting an ultrasound and seeing a baby on the screen. So the next night I decided to use one of my cheapy pregnancy test strips. I dipped it and got in the shower and was nervous the whole time. When I was toweling off I saw the second line and went into our room to get my digital pregnancy test and watching that blinking hourglass about killed me. Once it said "pregnant" I started shaking and went to get dressed. I wrapped the test and a little elephant security blanket in some pink and blue tissue paper and put it in a white gift bag. (Can you telI was prepared for this moment?) I called DH in and had him open it. He was shocked and confused then we just held each other and I started crying. The past few months had been pretty hard on me. 

    To tell our families I made us each a baseball shirt. Mine was pink and had "Mommy 2013" on the back and DH's was navy with "Daddy 2013". We told his family at a family dinner a few nights later then skyped my family to show them our new shirts.

     To announce to friends we waited til 14 weeks and had photos taken of us and a clothesline with baby socks, baby hat, and a onsie with "Arriving April 2013" on it. They are the best photos ever, we got those printed out to send to some extended family then posted the photos on facebook and my blog.

     I was shocked to find out I was pregnant finally and we found out at about 3 1/2 weeks pregnant, so we had to keep it quiet for a long time. (which isn't easy with severe morning sickness)

    Sorry this is SO long!!!  

  • image JordynLeighx3:

    How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" I had just had a m/c in may, and August 1st I started feeling really flushed and hot like I had with the first pregnancy. I got a super faint positive on a Wondfo that evening and the next morning I got the digital yes

    How did you tell SO? well we were both home for the evening one, and he didn't want to get my hopes up since that line really was super faint. the next day when AF still hadn't come, we went to walgreen's together and got 3 different types of tests. i got up with him at 5am and we watched all the tests turn to yes

    How did you tell your family? we called our parents that same day, but with extended family and friends we waited until our 8w ultrasound (which we got bc of the recent m/c). we put it on fb at 12w after another ultrasound

    What were your first thoughts? "there's no way we're this lucky" was really what we kept thinking. i had been obsessively trying before and we hadn't even started trying again yet. we were about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and it was the best gift we could ever ask for

  • I wish my answers were sweet and all, but the beginning of this pregnancy was a HUGE roller coaster.  I had an early miscarriage in May, and it took a month of biweekly blood tests for my HCG levels to get low enough for me to even be able to become pregnant.  I never got a period, but my periods have always been super irregular, so it was very hard to know if I was late or just irregular. Toward the end of July, I started feeling off. I remember driving home from visiting my friend about an hour and a half away, and it took me over 3.5 hours to get home, and I was OVERLY angry about the horrible traffic.  Then that night, I just wanted a ton of bean burritos, and a couple hours later, I was crazy nauseous, and it kept up all night long.  I put off taking a test for a long time because I was scared of what it would say.  When I finally took one and it came back positive, I didn't really believe it.  Because of the miscarriage, I called my doctor and they had me start the process of blood tests again.  When my second test came back as double the amount of the first, they had me come in for a dating ultrasound the next week...  The ultrasound confirmed a pregnancy, but it was too early to show a heartbeat, and thus, too early to confirm a viable pregnancy.  So I had to come back a week later, and I just about melted when the heartbeat showed up on the screen. DH knew the whole time, he was there when I tested, and my mom knew too.  I need confidants, since the first 2-3 weeks of knowing I was pregnant, I wasn't so sure.

     The first trimester was just so stressful, because I didn't want to believe I really had a viable pregnancy. I barely told anyone until after my NT scan, and I don't think I posted on this board at all until after we announced our pregnancy to friends. It was a ridiculously stressful start to my pregnancy, but after I hit 2nd tri, I was able to sit back and kind of enjoy this a little bit.  Sometimes, it's still hard for me to really believe this is all going to result in an actual baby!

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    BFP #1: 5/10/12; 5/22/12: pregnancy deemed not viable (probably CP)
    BFP #2: 8/2/12; Due date: 4/14/13, DD born 4/5/2013
    BFP #3: 11/2/14, Due date: 7/7/15
  • I love this!

      How did you find out you were pregnant?  We lost a baby on June 9th and were told to wait a cycle... which we did.  I was laying in bed nursing my DS and he started to play with my belly button (his idea of tickling!) I asked what he was doing and he clearly said "tickling my baby"... I could not get a BFP for TWO days after this!

    How did you tell SO? He was in bed with DS and I.  I finally got the BFP and told him over dinner (he might have been teasing me about how many tests I had taken in two days...)

    How did you tell your family?  Is it bad that I do not remember?

    What were your first thoughts? Please please let this baby stick...I do not think that I could try again if it does not! 

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  • How did you find out you were pregnant?

    I have PCOS, we had undergone some fertility treatments in the past and they had been unsuccessful.  We'd moved to a new area, and hadn't found a new doctor yet so we weren't really "trying" very hard.  I was using OPKs, but that was about it.  I was reading "Infertility for Dummies" 2 days before my expected period, I was cramping and my boobs were sore so I thought I was out.  I decided it might be time to go out and buy a BBT to see if I was *actually* ovulating or just getting a LH surge, but I decided to go POAS before shelling out the cash.  I used an IC and it was positive!  Shocked, I dipped another that came out positive!  I dug around under the sink and found a FRER, when I dipped it my hand was shaking so much I was pretty much stirring the pee!  When it came out positive I burst into tears!

    How did you tell SO?

    I pick my husband up every day from work, I'd planned on sending the pic of the positive test through text message as he walked to my car, then I'd video his reaction!  For the first time ever, he was waiting in the parking lot when I pulled in.  A video game he really wanted was coming out that Friday and he wanted to take the day off work, so he told me he'd told his bosses that I was sick that day, so he could pretend HE was sick on Friday.  I just said "Oh, that's nice.  Look at this." and showed him the picture on my phone.  He didn't get it.  So I said "It's not a joke, a dream, or a hypothetical.  I'm pregnant!"  I asked him if we could use his "day off" on Friday to celebrate, but he said "I can't take Friday off!  I'm going to be a dad!  I need to be responsible now!"  I was a little disappointed, but it was adorable.

    How did you tell your family?

    My family is 3000 miles away in California, so as much as I wanted to I couldn't tell them in person.  I created a book on Shutterfly out of pictures of me and my sister growing up and various family vacations and memories.  On one of the last pages I put a picture of my parents on a recent anniversary with the caption "The Best Parents"  Then on the next page I put a picture of the positive test, plus our dating ultrasound from our first prenatal appointment (I was nearly 12 weeks by the time they received the book), with the words "Get promoted to Grandparents!"  Followed by a collage of family photos and the words "To Be Continued..."  I'd asked my mom to call me when she received the "Family Album" book so I could go through it with her.  She cried like a baby when she got to the last page!

    What were your first thoughts?

    I was so overcome with joy and emotion.  After all the treatments, all the negative tests, all the hope I'd poured into the negative tests, searching frantically for a second line, and here it was, clear as day!  I wanted to call my husband or my mom but I also didn't want to waste an opportunity to tell them in a special way.  Desparate, I called a friend of mine (who is, interestingly, my husband's ex girlfriend from high school and also the one who went with me to pick out my wedding gown!) who was 36 weeks pregnant with her first baby!  She congratulated me and gave me some great advice about the first few weeks, I'm so glad I was able to talk to someone!

    I love reading these, and remembering those first few days after we got our BFPs!

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  • We were NOT trying...I was on the pill, but had taken it a day and half late when I was at a cabin weekend with my girlfriends. But one morning I woke up and was trying to do the math to see if I was late...I've always been irregular, but it seemed like I should have had it by then. Since I couldn't go back to sleep, I ran to Walgreens and bought a test. It didn't seem conclusive enough, so I drove to a DIFFERENT Walgreens and bought a "yes or no" test. That was clear enough for me.

    Then I had to wait 7 hours for DH to come home from work, and I was FREAKING OUT. We had planned on kids "probably, sometime" but not any time soon. As soon as he walked in the door I told him to sit down, I was pregnant, and then I burst into tears. He told me that it wasn't a reason to cry and we could do this. Then he started googling what I could and couldn't eat anymore.

    My parent were visiting us three weeks later, so we kept it a secret and told them in person. My mom kept jumping up and down and screaming, she was so excited. My dad got a little misty. DH's parents visited the weekend before, they were excited but a little more reserved than mine. :
  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test"
    I think deep down I knew...but we had been trying for over 2yrs..so I was tired of taking a test and getting the negative.  I was 3 days late and really tired..but was still weary of taking a test.  Finally I had just gotten back from a hair apt and fell asleep for over an hour..and when I woke up I said I might as well take a test.  To my shock it was a postive. 

    How did you tell SO?

    I waited until he got home from work and had the pee stick behind my back...he came home talking about something or other and I brought the stick out in the middle of his story. He was very suprised.

    How did you tell your family?

    Told his parents in person when we went over for something...I told my mom over the phone as they live in another state.  The rest of his family was told when we went for a family BBQ and within 5mints...as I was not drinking they all guessed what was going on..I guess it is not normal for me to not have at least one beer...since I got called out by 3 different groups for not drinking!

    What were your first thoughts?

    Shocked.. I really did not think we had a chance as we only BD one day as I was OOT the rest of it...but I guess that was enough!

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  • Agree with JSS, fun! 

    We were pretty sure of our conception date so I was anxiously undergoing the 2ww until I could test. I was silly and tested early 3 times and got negatives. I was actually pretty convinced it hadn't happened for us. We were on a two week vacation sailing our boat to Martha's Vineyard. I ended up deciding I'd test one more time. We went into shore to pick up some supplies and I used the bathroom at the marina. I couldn't believe my eyes! I shoved the test into my pocket and came out to tell H. Luckily my H was already really excited because we were able to keep our mooring for one more day - this helped me to mask my excitement. I pulled out the video camera and while the setting wasn't what I thought it would be, I knew I couldn't possibly wait to tell him. I asked him why he was so excited. He told the whole story to the camera about the mooring and that we should hurry back to move the boat so we could stay in Edgartown one more day. I told him there was something far more exciting going on and showed him the test (after quickly checking it one more time to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me). It was perfect.

    We were so lucky to conceive our first time trying. I'm glad I became familiar with tracking my cycles and such before trying.  We spent the last week of our vacation keeping the happy knowledge to ourselves and just letting everything sink in. Bliss!

    ETA: At the end of our vacation, my family met us at Watch Hill for a day on the beach. It was our last stop before heading back to our home port. We told them there at the beach and had a wonderful day together. My mom, dad and brothers are the people I would have wanted to know if something were to happen, so we had no qualms with telling them so early. We waited until after our first ultrasound to tell H's parents and then waited until 13 weeks to tell everyone else.

    First thoughts?? I couldn't believe we did it. Pure happiness mixed with a tinge of fear - oh my goodness, we really did this and that means we are going to be parents!!  So excited :)

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  • How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" : 

    Our dog started acting really weird. When I would lay down, she would sniff me head to toe for minimally 40 minutes and was very possessive and protective. Then, she started tinkling on my underwear (she has never had an accident inside) and chewing out the crotch. After googling, I found out this is common in the beginning of pregnancy because dogs smell the surge in hormones. Also, I was standing in Target and NEEDED jalepeno stuffed olives. Not something we normally have in our home, so I felt something was up. 

    How did you tell SO?

    I tested in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep and just felt like I was pregnant. When it was positive, I jumped on him and shook him awake at 2am! He was excited, but not nearly as animated as I was lol. 

    How did you tell your family?

    We told my parents on grandparents day and gave them a grandbaby frame with paper in it that said "first grandbaby due April 2013". 

    We told H's family by putting a "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt on our dog and letting her run into their house. MIL was so excited that she was screaming, haha. 

    What were your first thoughts?

    I was so excited and thankful. I feel like I changed a little bit mentally. I had this 'aha' moment when I realized I was going to be a mom. I have always wanted to be a mom. I was always the kid in gradeschool who said she wanted to grow up and be a mom. :)  

  • What a good idea. :) 

    How did you find out you were pregnant? Anything more obvious than "I took a test" - Not more obvious then I took a test, but I only took the test because I wanted to confirm I was or wasnt before heading to my friends 40th surprise party and drinking all night. We had been trying for 6mths and had no luck and I was crampy expecting my period, low and behold the test was obviusly positive.

    How did you tell SO? I wanted to do something cute but instead I just ran in my room and woke him up at about 730 am and handed him the 3rd test I took (after driving to walmart at 630 to get a digital one because of a faint line on the first two lol)

    How did you tell your family? I sent my mom a t-shirt that had a filmstrip on it and in each square was a set of her grandkids and the last was the test. My dad got a similar item. My FI made a "movie" for his parents of different video clips of him and I and my kids, at the end he inserted the heart beat from the first ultrasound

    What were your first thoughts? Super excited.

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  • So fun! Man, it seems so long ago and just like yesterday all at once!

    I found out on August 14th, Tim Tebow's birthday as MH likes to point out. I was about 3 days late but it was my first month off the pill so I just assumed I would be. But MH was up for a volunteer deployment to Afghanistan and he wanted to know before putting in his final request to go. So he called from work, told me Togo get a test and take it. I was certain that I wasn't pregnant so I took it and left it on the counter for about 5 minutes. When I went back to check, I couldn't believe it was positive! I started shaking and getting happy tears in my eyes and when I called him I could hardly speak...to which he knew the answer. And the only words I could get out we're "I can't believe I'm here alone or this!" He was on his way home 5 minute later as had a big smile and a hug for me when he walked in the door.

    I remember the first thing I did was get in the shower. I just HAD to be clean when he got home so that I smelled good lol.

    Once it was confirmed, We told our families over Skype since we live so far away. His were surprisingly calm and quiet though I knew they were really happy. And mine screamed. My dad got some tears in his eyes. It was wonderful.
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