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Anyone else's LO....

Pretty shy already?  Our little guys is 9 months and he gets so quiet around new people.  It usually takes him an hour to warm up and start babbling again.  At home he doesn't stop!  Anyone else have a shy little baby?

Re: Anyone else's LO....

  • Lucia is almost 1 and is definitely shy. She loves to smile at people, but she isn't comfortable playing around them. At home she is so comfortable and energetic and expressive. I was super shy when I was little, so I am not surprised.

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  • My LO was around 10 months when he started getting shy. He hides his eyes then peeks out at new people. It's super cute :)



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  • I've got a shy one too. He eventually warms up, but does a little mean mug at first as if he's saying he doesn't know you or trust you. It's kinda cute and I'm not worried. It's a phase.




  • This started a few weeks ago for us also. He will smile at people and even laugh but he always buries his face in my shoulder or chest for a while, even with friends and family that he knows. It's incredibly adorable.
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