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Parking! urgh

I wish that insurance could pay for parking. I think its crazy that everytime I go to a dr visit I have to pay $5.00 for a 10min visit and then twice a week I have a stress test and there is a $14.00 parking fee.

I think its crazy!

Re: Parking! urgh

  • Ugh!

    Parking fees are honestly why I do my ultrasounds and such at a different hospital than the one I'm delivering at (same medical group, different location). You think they'd give you a break and give you a parking pass at a discounted rate.

    DH and I have joked that the "VIP Suites" at our delivery hospital might be worth the cost because they include complimentary valet parking. Some parking fees are ridiculous.

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  • I go through the same thing. It got so annoying that I now park on the street almost 3 blocks away so I don't have to pay. Instead I walk and by the time I'm at my appt, my BP is so high, they have to check it again at the end of the appt!
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  • I agree - it's pretty outrageous. 
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  • Hospitals and Dr.'s offices charge parking fees?.....I'm either sheltered or spoiled in the middle of Nebraska!
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  • With my son the OB office had free parking until about 2 months before the end and suddenly there were parking meters up. The worst part was that the wait time for an appointment was 1-3 hours so I was paying upwards of $9 for every freaking appointment. Arg.  I'm glad my new Dr is quick and I can get away with $1.50 for parking.
  • The doctors offices don't do discounted parking? That sucks!

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  • I had to pay $6-13 each visit every 2 weeks from the start.  The bigger problem was the parking was so bad I had to arrive almost an hour early and drive in circles for 40+ minutes for a spot to open up...most days I'd end up parking over 8 blocks away in a 1hour parking zone and have to hussle to my appointments (which average 3 hours) and stress about the parking tickets.

    After a few weeks of that I stopped bothering and started taking the bus. It's cheaper and faster!!


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