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Henry Still no MN

I know you all are sick of hearing about Henry's mn, but we still haven't agreed. Dh is still clinging to Henry Ernest and I still want Henry Alexander, but I'm willing to come up with something different.

WDYT of Henry David Kenyon, I know you've got Henry David Thoreau sp?, but how does it sound? Dh's mn is Davis, so maybe even that route? Henry Davis Kenyon? Do the 3 2-syllable names sound too bad. DS 1 has all 3 names 2-syllable and I don't think it sounds bad.

Also, wonder if the the initials H.O.K. would be too bad?

Also, what about

Henry Maxwell Kenyon?
Henry Oliver Kenyon?

Henry Thomas Kenyon

I've got 6 days til my due date and I'm a nervous wreck!

Re: Henry Still no MN

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