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DD is not a huge fan of the pacifier. She just wants the breast, and when I won't give her that, she goes for her hand. Or just cries. It's frustrating because DS took the pacifier every time, immediately. I don't want DD to use it her hand or fingers because it cannot be taken away and that is a hard habit to break.

Anyway, does anyone have suggestions for a good pacifier? We've tried the Nuk, The First Years Gumdrop, Soothie/Wubbanub, Born Free Bliss, and Evenflo Bebek. She likes the Wubbanub the best, but it's a hit or miss (usually a miss.)



Re: Pacifier Help

  • Have you tried a MAM yet? My lo takes a nuk but my nieces and nephew will only use a MAM. hope it gets better for you!

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  • In a similar boat except every time we give DD a paci she gags and spits up.
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    Have you tried a MAM yet? My lo takes a nuk but my nieces and nephew will only use a MAM. hope it gets better for you!

    Mine will only take the mam also.
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  • Some babies will never take to a paci. Not to be discouraging, but maybe just prepare yourself for that.

    That said, the only ways I've gotten LO to take a paci are while in the car while DH drives and while I bounce on the yoga ball.
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  • LO will only take MAM pacifiers as well. She's a sucker baby, that's for sure. I usually offer her the boob first, but sometimes she just wants to suck without eating anything and gets frustrated about it.

  • We finally got Nolan to take MAM. I eased him into it by letting him suck on my finger and then switching them quickly.
  • +1 for MAM, those are where we had the most success with DS1.

    That said, neither of my babies really like pacifiers, I have been able to get them to take them occasionally but usually have to hold it there for them - the only reason I use it instead of the boob is because I have an oversupply of milk and have to be careful not to overfeed DD (she throws up when she eats too much).

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  • Some babies just don't like pacifiers, you know. 

    That being said, it took a long time to get DS to take one as well. I started out with the MAM and he would gag and spit up almost every time we tried it. We tried Nuk, The First Years Gumdrop, Tommee Tippee and a few others I can't remember.

    After about a week hiatus we just randomly tried a Nuk again and that's what he takes now! It's still not something he wants all the time though. 

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  • We have tried multiple paci's too and the only one LO will take is a soothie. Sometimes she wants it and other times not. The thing I found that helped the most is calming her down (by rocking/shushing) before giving it to her, otherwise shes too upset to try it. 
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  • My LO usually likes the wubbanub a well, but sometimes takes the playtex binkie too...

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